Operation: Organization 2015 – Abby from Just a Girl And Her Blog’s Organized Office

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We’re so happy to have Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog guest posting today as part of Operation: Organization 2015.  She has a fabulous sense of style and we know that you’ll find her project inspiring.

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Hey there, 11 Magnolia Lane readers! I’m Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, where I write about organization, home decor, creative ideas and random happy thoughts. 🙂 I’m so thrilled that Amy and Christy asked me to come visit with you all today!

5 Essentials for an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

When I started taking this whole blogging thing seriously, I realized that I was going to need a home office space to work, photograph projects, and store supplies. I took over the third bedroom in our house, but unfortunately the room wasn’t doing me much good because it looked like this:

5 Essentials for an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

Hello, hot mess! I knew my space needed a makeover stat, and along the way I came up with 5 essentials that truly helped me organize my home office.

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

1. Mix Accessible with Covert

When I set out to organize my home office space, I knew that I wanted to have all of my supplies readily accessible so that I didn’t have to go searching through tons of drawers and bins every time I needed something. I also knew that I didn’t want to revert back to the huge mess I had before, so I did a little mixture…

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

I ultimately decided on a blend of open shelving using bookshelves (to which we added crown molding to give them a more custom look) and a few baskets and bins to keep the clutter at bay. This allowed me to grab what I needed quickly and easily without having to set everything out in the open. This method also worked especially well because I was sure to…

2. Label, Label, Label!

I may be just a teensy bit obsessed with labeling. I think it helps keep things in their place and makes it easier to find what you need too! For the baskets and storage bins, I purchased silver bookplates and printed labels from my computer to fit inside.

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

For most of the smaller storage vessels on the shelves, I used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to cut words out of adhesive vinyl and adhered them to the jars and pails.

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

I can find what I need, and it looks pretty too! 🙂

3. Use Vertical Space

This room isn’t extremely large and I wanted it to serve a bunch of different functions, so I tried to maximize use of my vertical space as much as I could. Along with the tall bookshelves, my handy hubby installed a pegboard, which was the perfect spot to store my decoupage, paint, pens, pencils, and markers, and even ribbon!

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com 

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

These IKEA kitchen storage pieces were perfect for holding all of the paint! And speaking of that…

4. Corral Everything

If it can be corralled into a bin, dish, container, or other storage vessel, do it! This not only helped me keep like items together, but it also just made it look nice and neat! Instead of throwing everything in a drawer, I used a divider to separate the supplies so everything had a spot.

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

Paint brushes have their own vessel (which was actually made to be a vase), and even sweets have a little pail of their own. {Because duh! 😉 }

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com

5. Ditch the Filing Cabinet

Finally, you may have noticed that there is no filing cabinet in the room. That would be because our house is completely paperless. Well, we have paper for the boys to color on and I use printables to keep me organized. But all of our bills, medical and insurance paperwork, receipts, and even Christmas cards and some artwork from our sons are scanned in and stored electronically (primarily in Evernote).

We do keep paper copies of the bare essentials like our social security cards, birth certificates, and marriage license, but everything else is electronic. This totally eliminates paper clutter and gives us more space to work because we’re not dealing with filing cabinets. Yippee! {If you’d like to know more about our paperless system, pop over and check out this post!}

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com


I could go on and on because organization makes me giddy and I love to talk about it, but I’ll leave you with just my top 5 for now! 🙂 If you’re interested in seeing the full reveal of my Fabulously Feminine Home Office, you can do so here.

Thanks so much for the fabulous 11 Magnolia Lane ladies for having me and thank YOU for reading! I’d love to have you over for a visit to Just a Girl and Her Blog— hope to “see” you there!

5 Essentials of an Organized Home Office | JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com


Abby, that is just a beautiful space–thanks so much for sharing it with our readers!  I am going to check out Evernote RIGHT NOW, because I hate filing and paper clutter!


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  1. I like the vertical storage space. I need to corral my paints.

  2. I loved the pegboard and how she styled it – functional and colorful. It just brightens the room!

  3. Quite impressive and inspiring! I can totally identify with the “before”. 🙂

  4. So cute! I think I just need Abby to come for a visit to ATL and organize me :). Looks fab! xx, b

  5. Everything looks great! I like the baskets!

  6. Great organization ideas for a home office! I have to say, I love my label maker, there is something so peaceful about being able to find things quickly when you need them!

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