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One of my favorite organizing products is actually my wallet. I wanted to share it as part of my Day in the Life post on Sunday, but I felt like it was already getting a bit long as it was, so I decided just to write a separate post/review.  I’ve been carrying it for about three months now and have been meaning to share it with you guys because I love it!

A Day in the Life 2018: Christy | 11 Magnolia Lane

|HOBO Lauren wallet|

This is the HOBO Lauren wallet in “Coin” which is a metallic champagne gold color.  I wear a lot of gold and since this wallet is large enough to carry alone as a clutch, I figured that would be the most versatile.  They come out with new colors every season, though, and it was really hard to choose (hot pink and embossed brown were also at the top of my wish list).

A Day in the Life 2018: Christy | 11 Magnolia Lane

As you know, I’m all about finding great sale prices, so at the end of the post I linked to several different online stores that sell these wallets (my exact wallet is {here} and I bought it for over half off retail since it’s from a previous season).  I also found an off-brand vegan style for you {here} if you don’t want to carry genuine leather.

I have to thank my stylish friend Ashly, who tuned me into this awesome brand about a year ago.  She’s been carrying one for decades and swears by it.  I trust her judgment in all areas so decided to give it a try when I realized that my Kate Spade wallet was SO heavy and still didn’t hold everything I needed it to hold.  (By the way, Ashly is also kind enough to show us her beautiful house as part of our annual holiday home tour, see her 2017 tour here and her 2016 tour here).

The wallet opens up to a large center section that holds your most often used cards and ID, and there’s a large top zipper pocket that I use for receipts.  If you’re traveling, it can store your passport, or even your phone (I have a smaller phone so it goes in one of the outside pockets).  There’s a magnetic closure to keep it shut.

Hobo wallet in Coin

There are two outside pockets; each closes with a kiss lock.  One holds ALL the cards:

Hobo wallet

The other one is designed to hold cash and change.  The lining varies from color to color but mine has this pretty blue and brown boho fabric.

Hobo wallet

Like I mentioned above, I put my phone in one of the outside pockets and often just take my wallet and key when I’m heading out for errands–no need to drag my entire purse with me.

Hobo wallet

So, here are a few quick pros and cons:


Super soft and supple leather

Functional–there’s a well thought out place for everything

SO many colors to choose from!

They last for years if you take care of them (with leather cleaner, conditioner, or the like)

Can be carried alone as a clutch


It’s big and a bit heavy (this is more a function of everything I stuff in it I think!)

It’s pricey–mine was about $65 and it was on 50% off sale!


Hobo wallet

Obviously I have more pros than cons since I’m recommending these!  If you have any questions or I missed something, just leave me a comment.  Below is an assortment of prices I found online–again, if you shop last season’s colors, you’ll save some money.


Shop the Post


Our HomeRight SteamMachine giveaway is still going on at the end of this post, and be sure to visit our other Day in the Life participants if you missed any of them on Monday:

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  1. Hi Christy,
    Great article regarding the “Hobo” wallet. I have had mine for about 5 years now and I actually purchased it for $39 (on sale plus 40%). Those days are gone, as I wanted to get a new one and found the cheapest was $89 on sale. I store my cash envelopes (I carry 3) in the back section and I place all my receipts in the front portion. It is a bit heavy, but it has made it necessary for me to unload some of the other items I carry in my purse.

    • Wow, Mariam–that is a GREAT deal on your old Hobo! I never thought about how helpful they would be if you were using an envelope system for budgeting but of course you are right. Mine is actually a bit lighter than my old wallet, but my purse in general is crazy heavy!
      Thanks for writing!

  2. I had one years ago and really want another. They are the best. I love that everything I need fits in one place and I can grab it and go. Love that color. Sorry been a bit MIA…we just got back last week from MI and closed on the house yesterday, Glad to have that behind us. Hope you and Amy are both well.

    • I’ve been wondering where you were, Lauren. So glad you sold the house! Was it a huge job to get it cleaned out? It’s such a bittersweet thing to have to do but happy you’re home and able to start getting back to normal.

      Hobo wallets, Longchamp purses–girl, you need to be my new style icon! 😉

  3. Thanks for introducting me to the wallet. I bought one shortly after this article came out and absolutely love it!!! I a blue with silver clasp and got it on sale from Nordstrom Rack. My son isn’t a fan, but good thing he isn’t the one using it! In addition to the contents of my wallet, I am able to put my cheaters in the front pocket and my phone in the back. LOve it!! Thank you for the article. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying your wallet, Heidi! I love mine and am so glad I took the plunge. Mine was also from Nordstrom Rack so a great price. I’ve carried mine as a clutch several times and gotten lots of compliments, especially from those who are “in the know.” Thanks for letting me know that you like yours so much!
      Take care,

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