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This post was sponsored by iRobot®. All opinions are my own.

I am super excited about today’s sponsored post, because it’s for a product that I have been dying to try for quite some time, and it turns out that I love it even more than I thought I would!

When we moved into Magnolia Cottage with its hundred year old hardwood floors, I knew that I was going to be spending a lot of time mopping them. I love hardwood floors and prefer them to carpet, but with our busy family it can be a lot of work to keep them up. Not only do we have our two rescue pets (a cat and a dog) shedding everywhere, but our kids are teenagers and always have friends coming in and out, especially when our son is home from school. Oh, and my husband’s combat boots definitely add to the traffic, although I’m so glad to have him back home that I am definitely NOT complaining about that!

iRobot-Braava m Series

Here’s a sampling of what walks across my floors every day; of course the cat refused to sit for the photo as did the teenagers.

When the folks at iRobot® asked me if I’d like to try out their Braava jet® m6 Robot Mop, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been wanting to buy one of their Roomba® robot vacuums for a few years now (I vacuum a lot thanks to Harley) but have never taken the plunge because I thought they were expensive. I didn’t realize how affordable they’ve become; Roombas actually start at $274.99, which is less than I’ve paid for any of my vacuum cleaners. They have a great sale going on right now, too, so you can save up to $150 on select floor care robots (details here).

When our cute Braava jet® arrived in the mail it felt like Christmas morning–this thing is SO neat! Depending on what kind of pad you put on the bottom, it knows whether it’s supposed to wet mop or dry sweep your floors. You can use either the disposable pads that it comes with, or you can buy washable, reusable ones from iRobot. If you’re mopping, you fill the reservoir with water and cleaning solution, and it tells you whenever you need to add more.

iRobot-Braava m Series

I downloaded the iRobot HOME App to my phone, named our mop “Lenny” (or rather, the kids named him Lenny) and put him through his paces. Really, all I did was hit the “CLEAN” button on my phone, and he did the rest. Oh, and he has Precision Jet Spray that loosens dirt and sticky messes without spraying rugs, furniture, or walls.

iRobot-Braava m Series

Here’s a quick video of Lenny being awesome and mopping my kitchen for me:


Lenny and I communicate over Wi-Fi® through the app. The first few times he went around our house he was learning where the rooms and furniture are, and after a few cleaning sessions he created a Smart Map of our house:

iRobot-Braava m Series

I was able to label the rooms on the map and now I can use the app to tell Lenny to go mop the kitchen, or any other room, and he knows exactly how to get there. I can also schedule him to mop through the app, or start him remotely when I’m away from home. I have him scheduled to dry sweep every other morning at 9am, and on the alternate days he wet mops.

The first few pads looked like this:

(I know–gross! The first few wet mop pads came off pitch black but now they’re nowhere near as dirty.)

You can even customize the level of cleaning you need from your robot mop using the app–light, standard, or deep, as well as the volume of the Adjustable Precision Jet Spray.

Brontë had no idea what to make of Lenny at first:

iRobot-Braava m Series

But now I think they’re good buddies, don’t you?

You can learn more about the Braava m6® or compare iRobot’s products by visiting their website, and don’t forget their sale that’s going on through September 7th. The Braava m6® is $50 off and they’ve got great deals on their other floor care robots, too. Also, I know we have a lot of military readers and they also offer a generous military discount that you’ll want to be sure to utilize.

This is a product that I wish I’d purchased years ago instead of dragging my feet, and if you love a clean house but hate to actually clean (like me), then I definitely recommend you consider one.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Braava® (or if you have another iRobot® product and want to share your best tips). This clean floor is brought to you by iRobot® and Lenny:

Magnolia Cottage: Breakfast Room and Den

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  1. A couple of questions. Does Lenny hold enough cleaning solution to clean yournwholenhouse at one time? Approximately how long does it take him to clean your whole house? Hoe long does the battery last?

    • Lenny holds enough cleaning solution to clean my downstairs without a refill; obviously your square footage and the amount of spray you are using would influence that (you can choose in the app how much cleaning solution you want him to spray out each time depending on your floor type and the amount of dirt). Then I refill him, let him charge, and take him upstairs to clean up there. He could clean my whole house on one battery charge if I needed him to, though. After he does the downstairs, he’s still around 60%. If I’m not home, he docks himself and charges so he’s at 100% for the next job. I honestly love him!

  2. I noticed you have a threshold between two of your rooms….does lenny go over it easily? Great name btw!!! lol I have two stairs going down to a family room, I am assuming I would just move it down to that level once it completes the upper level? How long does lenny stay charged for? Thanks for this post….I have been debating getting one.

    • I think you should absolutely get one; I now wish I’d taken the plunge years before and I will be buying a Roomba to use in conjunction with Lenny at our next house if we have carpet again! He goes over several of our thresholds easily but I do need to help him get between the living room and the breakfast room. Once he cleans everything he can, he puts himself in his docking station and charges. I just pick him up, put him in the living room, and tell him to clean and he does. You’d do the same thing for your family room. He senses stairs and won’t fall down them (which is great because we have all hardwoods upstairs, too!). He could clean my whole house on one battery charge but since I do the upstairs and the downstairs and different times, he charges up in between. Let me know if you have any other questions and don’t forget that they have a 30 day return policy so you can always try it to see what you think with no strings.
      I hope that helps!

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