Master Bedroom Inspiration for Our New House

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Before I talk about my design plans for the master bedroom in our new home, did you go to Target and see the Opal House line? I actually drove 20 minutes away to our larger Target (the closest one is under construction and everything is in a different place right now, talk about having your Target game thrown WAY off!) to see what they had in that store. I shared it all on our Instagram stories yesterday but if you didn’t see them, this might be my favorite thing they had, this gorgeous blue velvet chair.




These sconces below weren’t in the store but I saw them online when I was looking up links, and they are amazing (a chandelier version is HERE and can you believe it is less than $80!?!). I am trying to decide where I would put the sconces in our new house to justify buying them, but I am sure I will come up with a place. I came home with this black shibori pillow and a few other things, but there may or may not be another online order before it’s all sold out, I know it’s going fast. It is a really fun decor line, I love how it’s a little quirky but still elegant at the same time.


This waiting period for our new house has given me time to do some mental decorating, do you all do that too?!? My Pinterest boards are getting full! One of the rooms I have big dreams for is our Master Bedroom, for whatever reason I procrastinated decorating that room in our last house until shortly before we moved, you can see it HERE.  I have decided I am going to try to make our room a priority in our next house.


{Read the post about this room HERE}

Much as I loved this inexpensive headboard (above) and the bedding in that room, I think we will move it into our guest room in the next house. I’d like to give our room a complete overhaul so I have been looking at new beds and decor and thought I’d share my plan today.



I found two beds that I love and am deciding between them, I have always wanted a canopy bed and this one is a great price, it is very similar to this popular but more expensive Pottery Barn one. I think it would be very dramatic in the room.



While I love that bed above, right now this style bed (below) is winning. I love the finish on it and it looks so cozy to have an upholstered footboard. I am torn between the white and natural finish, but at less than $1000 I think it’s a great price for such elegant styling. I am leaning toward a more classic look in here, hopefully I won’t feel like I need to redecorate again in the near future if I go that route! 🙂


I plan to paint the room what I always call my favorite paint color, Rhinestone by Sherwin Williams, which is the perfect light gray with a strong blue undertone. I plan to add this fluffy white bedding because you can’t go wrong with pure white. I will probably keep our custom monogrammed shams and just add some new bolster pillows. Opal House has me thinking about this pretty blush colored one!

In anticipation I have already started upgrading all our bedding, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to make some improvements on our sheets, pillows etc., they were way past their prime. I think it really got to me after spending most of a week in bed with the flu a few weeks ago, I decided all our bedding had seen better days and we deserved an upgrade, HA! Maybe it is just getting older, but these seem like worthwhile expenses considering how much time we actually spend in bed. Comfort is key, as they say!



I tend to be picky about using bedding without chemicals in it (because I am hyper-sensitive, you can read my lyme post for more on all that) so I ordered these organic pillow inserts (and am loving them as our bed pillows) and I plan to order these awesome splurge-worthy sheets just prior to moving in. In the interim, I ordered these sheets because they have almost 40,000 (yes that is forty THOUSAND) reviews (!) and you can’t beat the price. I know they aren’t organic cotton, but they are so soft. I am going to order another set for my daughter next.



I love my white lamps, I got them at HomeGoods several years ago but they have similar ones HERE. I ordered my husband a new nightstand prior to the Rooms We Love tour, so he is all set but much as I love my current white nightstand I have to say, I am eying a mirrored one for this update. I love the glitz and glam mirrored furniture adds to a bedroom (or any room) so I think it would be a fun addition to the room. The price on this one is very reasonable and I love the modern styling.





Finally, I am not sure if we will keep a bench at the end of the bed. The one I was using will probably be moved to the guest room, so I’m still mulling over if I’ll want something there. Pretty as it looks, it winds up being a clothes catcher (for the things that aren’t dirty enough to be washed but aren’t exactly clean– you all know how that is?) so it might make sense to just skip it!

Our room is carpeted so I haven’t settled on if I’ll want a rug yet. If I do I will probably move the rug from our dining room up there, you can find that here on clearance sale.


I drove by our house yesterday and they already have the second story in framing, so it’s starting to look like a house. I’ll take more pictures once the roof is on and share them soon, but it’s definitely exciting. There is such a purpose in the waiting though, so I am trying to just enjoy the process. Mentally decorating and all 🙂



PS if you need to get caught up about our new home build, you can read all about it HERE.








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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love the direction you are taking. We recently upgraded our bedding. We bought the 700 thread count sheets from PB. Will never look back! They are ahhhhmazing. I ordered them after Kelly (Kelly Nan) raved about them. For the first time in forever, the top sheet is actually large enough and stays tucked in! You won’t regret the purchase.

  2. http://Kelly%20Mahan says

    Such wonderful inspirations, I can only imagine how the bedroom will turn out. Really curious to see it!

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