How to Refresh a Mailbox With Paint and Vinyl

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When we moved into our new (old) Magnolia Cottage a few weeks ago, I had a to-do list a mile long. Now it’s only a half-mile long, but there are still dozens of small projects that make a big difference.

One example is the mailbox refresh that our mailbox needed. It took just a few minutes but definitely improved the curb appeal of our home; I actually do this every time we move and always, but always, when we’ve got a house on the rental or sale market. It makes that much of a difference.

(If you have no desire to paint your mailbox, I’ll also be sharing what I bought, loved, and returned from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at the end of this post, so just scroll on down if you’re in a shopping mood!).


How to refresh a tired mailbox in 15 minutes with paint and vinyl | 11 Magnolia Lane


We have a standard mailbox on a pressure treated lumber wood post, and both had been painted black previously.  The mailbox needed a good scrubbing first as it was covered with some sort of mold, so I cleaned it with a bleach and water mixture and then hosed it and the post off to remove cobwebs and dirt.

In the photo below, the mailbox was wet from being washed but you can also see that the paint on the post is chipping. If you have painted wood that’s exposed to the elements, just assume that you will need to repaint every few years because the weather causes it to fade and chip.

I removed the flag and its hardware and gave the mailbox and post a coat of our favorite Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in black semi-gloss (best price is here). If you need a new flag–they do fade after awhile–just purchase a replacement flag (here) instead of feeling like you need to replace the entire mailbox.

The reflective letters on either side were fading, too, so I cut a new set of house numbers using my Silhouette Cameo and this white outdoor vinyl (if you have a vinyl machine, the font I used was “Superclarendon”). If you don’t have a vinyl machine, just buy a set on Etsy. You can get fancy ones HERE or simpler ones HERE.

After I let the paint dry overnight, I applied the new numbers and stepped back to admire the results.

A quick mow and edge helps things to look better, too, even though I don’t have any plants around the mailbox.

Seriously, it was the easiest 15 minutes I’ve spent since we’ve moved in and probably gave me the most bang for the buck!

I told you I do this at every house: here’s a photo from our Nashville house, when I used grapevine to create a trellis for my jasmine to grow around:

| Read more here |

Now, moving on to what my purchases are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which ends on August 4th, by the way. I haven’t had time to take pictures of me actually wearing the things I ordered but I’ll at least be able to tell you how the sizes run.

This Madewell leather tote is probably my favorite sale purchase. The tan that I ordered is sold out but as I write this, Asparagus (a very trendy olive green) in still available. It’s the perfect size to be a tote or a purse and the leather is so soft and supple.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Lite Travel Shawl

I wanted to love this Barefoot Dreams travel shawl but didn’t realize it didn’t have any kind of sleeve (my fault for not reading the description better). The exact one I ordered is sold out–at least until my Cocoa return gets processed!–but a similar BD travel shawl is here.  I wound up ordering a traditional cardigan (this one but with a hood) and love it. If fabric was made of butter, it would feel like this!

These booties! I love them and had the hardest time deciding between tan and gray–for those of you who recommended both, I really appreciate it but decided to be good and just stick with tan! I often size up in boots so I ordered a 7.5 and an 8 to try and wound up keeping the 8. The toes pinched a little in the 7.5, probably because it is a pretty high heel and so your foot wants to slide down a bit. They are gorgeous and so well-made, though.

I kept these PJs. I used to sleep in any ratty old thing but have tried to up my sleepwear game in the past few years. These are so, so soft and comfortable. I feel like they run a tad big so size down if you’re in between sizes.


We kept the Spicebomb cologne that I ordered for my husband and son–it’s a package of three so one for each of them and one to go in my husband’s travel bag. It smells amazing!

With a few more days to go in the sale, here’s what’s in my cart that I am still considering:

Nordstrom lounge pants

These lounge pants are only $25 and Amy swears by them.

Nordstrom cashmere wrap scarf shawl

This cashmere wrap/scarf/shawl. I feel like it’s meant to go with my peep-toe booties.

This coat. It also comes in a gorgeous green, but I’m kind of loving the apricot. We’ll see which of these, if any, that I wind up with!

I’ll link all of my purchases and favorites below:


And don’t forget THIS post and THIS post where we shared more favorites. Have a great hump day, and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Friend, if we lived much closer, I have all kinds of perennials to share, which is what I’ve already started with friends……….I tease them about going shopping in my backyard! =) And glad to read that ‘to do’ list is half mile instead of a mile…….you really are making progress!! Please don’t get burnt out however………..

    • Hey Julie-
      If we lived closer, I’d definitely be taking you up on that! Perennials are always my favorite and it’s so nice to get some from friends.

      The way my to-do list works with moving, there’s a very good chance that I will get it done just as it’s time to move again! 😂

      Happy Monday – have a great week!

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