Gift Ideas for Your Next Favorite Things Party

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Amy is always a trendsetter; it’s been almost two years since she wrote {this} post where she hosted a “Favorite Things” gift exchange party for her friends.  They are quite a thing now; I was just invited to one yesterday and I can’t wait to attend because they’re so much fun.

Today I thought I’d share my go-to gift ideas for this sort of party.  I’ll include a range of prices because these events generally run in one of two ways–either you bring a small gift (one for each guest) and everyone goes home with a bunch of goodies, or you bring a larger gift and play “Dirty Santa”  and go home with one nicer gift.  “Dirty Santa” isn’t as dirty as it sounds: everyone draws a number and then starting with number one, each person either selects and unwraps a new gift from the pile or steals someone else’s.

Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Read our full disclosure policy here.

These small-sized tubes of Lollia lotion are beautifully packaged and smell heavenly.  A set of 6 is $36 {here}, so this is a great option if you’re bringing multiples of the same gift so everyone takes one home.


Next, these DIY jewelry bowls are a great gift idea for about $6–or about $2 if you own a vinyl machine.  If you can find out everyone’s initials ahead of time, these are so quick and easy to make!  Read all the how-to’s and sources {here}

To make the monograms, if you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, use {this} tutorial, or order them from our Etsy shop {here}.  Order a 1.0″ gold round monogram ($4), and use coupon code BLOGREADER for free shipping, all the time.

Easy DIY Gift Idea: Monogrammed Christmas Ornaments | 11 Magnolia Lane
Another easy-as-pie personalized gift idea (that doesn’t require a vinyl cutter) are these monogrammed DIY ornaments.  Details are {here}, but they’re just a few dollars apiece.  They’d even be a fun group craft idea to do at your party!


SOHO Brights Lidded Glass Candle (Festive Fir and Pink Magnolia are my favorite scents).

I love the brushed gold lid on these. When you’ve burned the candle, repurpose the jar to hold cotton balls or swabs.

Pair these with a gorgeous little matchbox from Annechovie: she has so many great designs to choose from:


I pair these matchboxes with a candle year round for an easy birthday gift.

A $10 Starbucks gift card with an airplane bottle of Bailey’s just might be the perfect gift in this price range, can I have an amen?

Blanket scarves are still hugely popular, probably because they’re so versatile.  They’re also a pretty safe gift because even if someone already has one, changes are good you’ll be giving them a completely different pattern and no one complains when they get another beautiful scarf!

These are just a bit over $15, shipped, and they have dozens of patterns to choose from.  I usually pick something in holiday-festive colors, or boring old black and white, because I know those will work for most people.  If those are sold out, try {here}.

For $15 plus shipping, you can also give your friends the gift of holiday sanity (plus it’s beautiful).  I’ve been using Amy’s Holiday Planner for several years now and it really does help tame the Christmas chaos.  Learn more and purchase here.


There’s a reason that laundry detergent, of all things, is on every. single. gift guide that I write for you guys.  If you haven’t tried Tyler Candle Company’s Glamorous Wash, then you simply must put it in your cart!  A 32 oz. jug is just under $25 shipped, and you can make it last for months if you pour a few capfuls in with unscented laundry detergent.  It makes your laundry smell so good that literally every time I sell clothing on eBay, the buyer messages me to find out what detergent I use!  The Diva scent is my favorite, and High Maintenance is a close second.

If you love candles, try theirs {$20, here}; or wax melts {under $5, here}.  Amy found the 4 oz. detergent size for her last favorite things party, but they aren’t as good of a value as the larger size.

Hopefully these ideas are creative and unique enough that yours will be the favorite gift at the favorite things party!  If you have any of your own favorite things gift ideas to share, just leave them in the comments.

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  1. LOve those black & white gift bags. Where did you find those?

  2. Do you sell the navy & white totes? They would make a wonderful personalized gift!

    • I made the gold monograms for the totes (they’re in the Etsy shop), mailed them to Amy, and she just applied them to the totes herself. She found the totes in the checkout line at Michael’s, by the way, and they were $1.99 each. Use the coupon for free shipping on the monograms if you decide to use that as a gift!
      Hope that helps–

  3. Christy,
    Such great ideas! Thank you! Love that bracelet in the jewelry bowl!! Is that a recent purchase?

    • Thank you, Pam! I bought the pave link bracelet about three years ago but it’s still available at J Crew here. It’s a little pricey but I have worn it so much, and it’s 30% off today. I love mine.
      Hope that helps!

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