Furniture Projects with the HomeRight Finish Max & Medium Spray Shelter

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The Easiest Way to Paint Furniture

I sometimes think of using my HomeRight paint sprayer only for large projects, like if I am painting a dresser or a console, and of course it was absolutely essential when we painted an entire kitchen worth of cabinets.  Since we moved to our new house I have had a few smaller furniture projects on my to-do list and today I thought I’d show you how quick it is to knock out these types of smaller paint jobs, especially when you have the right tools.

Of course, this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out the new Medium Spray Shelter that HomeRight just released. It’s the perfect size for these types of projects– smaller pieces of furniture– I tackled both my hallway console table and our two end kitchen chairs in just a few hours.



The Medium Spray Shelter is so cool! It was just what I needed to keep the paint contained in our (very new and still clean) garage. It was the perfect size for this table and for the chairs that I needed to paint. Each piece fit just inside yet there was enough room to move around with the sprayer, so each coat just took me a few minutes at most. The best part is it literally just pops open, I have no idea how they did that but let me tell you, it is magic! It stores in a small round fabric envelope but when you unzip it, it literally springs into place. No complicated setup, isn’t that nice for a change?



This console table sat in our foyer in our last home but I wasn’t really using it now that we’ve moved.  I’d been searching for a small table to put behind our sofa when it dawned on me that I already had one that might work perfectly. My husband chopped about an inch off each leg (at the bottom so you’d never know) and once that was done, this table was just the right height to sit behind our couch.


This (above) is the before, not only did the seam on our couch slipcover show but we really needed something there to help break up the space between our kitchen area and living room. Eventually we plan to get a sectional couch for this room, but for now, we are working with what we have. (ps it was dark and rainy when I took these photos, so the room looks a little green, which is it not.)

Since the dark cherry finish on the console didn’t really go with our existing decor, I selected gray chalk paint for a lighter look. I picked up a can of the Rustoleum Gray chalk paint and it worked great–and FYI it’s half the price of the more expensive chalk paint brands. I first used a Deglosser to help the paint adhere, then I used my Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer.  I just slightly diluted the paint with water, and sprayed the new paint on. It took two (fast!) coats of paint, a few hours to dry and it was done.



It looks so much better now that we have something for the back of the couch, especially since it faces our kitchen area. I still plan to put a clear top coat over the paint, but couldn’t wait to set it up and decorate it. The decor will change again come fall, for sure.



My second project, and one that was much needed, was a quick refresh of the end chairs for our kitchen table.  My chairs are 60’s era Drexel dining chairs that I painted a few years ago (by hand) with chalk paint. They are comfortable, well made, and I love the cane backs, but they were getting really worn, dingy and dirty after years of use and three moves.  I knew painting them again by hand would take a ton of time, so I kept procrastinating taking on the project. Once I had the Spray Shelter in place it was so easy to give them an update. I switched out the gray paint for white (which just involves rinsing the sprayer out and then reloading with new paint, it is very easy) and then I gave the chairs two coats of white paint.



The above picture is the before, they were so dinged up and the cream paint was getting pretty dingy. Below is the after, now that they are all fresh and cleaned up. Next up is new cushions–I haven’t gotten that far but you’ll see them shortly when I share our new breakfast room with you.



The final project I tackled (and really all this took just a few short hours of time including multiple coats of paint and drying time) is on the HomeRight blog. So be sure to hop over and see it, hint: it’s part of my son’s room makeover I am working on and will show off next week.

Now–the fun part! We get to giveaway a FinishMax sprayer…these are simply the best. The latest model is the Super Finish Max and if you are getting ready to paint cabinets, or a piece of furniture (or do what I did in a crazy frame of mind when I restained our deck!) these are the best painting tool around. Just enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!

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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Marty Oravetz says

    Both the table and chair look amazing.

  2. Stefanie G says
  3. KENDRA NAY says


  4. CAROL MOORE says

    Oh what fun to spiff up pieces you already have!

  5. Therese Jones says

    You have inspired me to paint my console table. Thank you.

  6. JILL NELSON says

    I want to paint a number of dining room chairs that have spindle legs…spraying would be ideal but when the weather is nice – there tends to be too much wind…the shelter sounds like a perfect fix.

  7. I’ll have to try this with some of our dark furniture!

  8. They look amazing! I am inspired to paint some of my pieces too.

  9. Susie Wilcox says

    I have a workshop full of projects. This would make the work so much easier!

  10. Rebecca Welsh says

    Looks fantastic!

  11. I have not yet used one of these tents…i think i should. you are settling into your new home so nicely.

  12. I have so many things to paint. I would love to win the sprayer! It would make my life so much easier. Love your blog and i’m Loving what you are doing with it.

  13. I’ve always wanted a spray tent to keep my project mess to a minimum, and I would love to win the sprayer…just in time for some Christmas projects.

  14. Thank you for the giveaway–I’ve always wanted a paint sprayer1

  15. I would paint some bookcases & a end table that are in dire need…Thanks…

  16. I didn’t realize you could use that sprayer with chalk paint! Now I want it even more than I did before. And that shelter? My basement would be safe!! 😉

  17. I love the table! I would love to paint a Bombay chest that is currently gold/brown. Tired of looking at the drab color!

  18. Love the sofa table!

  19. This would be perfect – I have cabinets to paint and a deck to re-stain!!


  21. I have a couple of bookcases I’d love to paint with the sprayer. Sounds so much easier that way!

  22. MONica cooney says

    AS a military spouse with 19 moves under my belt this would get a lot of use at my house!

  23. Julie Craig says

    I would use it to redo some shelving units that were badly damaged during a recent move.

  24. I would love to paint several pieces of furniture that are just not my style anymore due to the color of the wood.

  25. MARTHAIA NORRIS says Shares on f/b.. Thanks….

  26. Your chairs and table look beautiful!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the sprayer, it will be used immediately if Im the lucky winner! I close on my first home in less than 2 weeks, and I have a lot of painting to do…both the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the ceilings, and the walls, the list is long 😉
    Being a military spouse for over 30 years I’ve had to be creative making home in borrowed places every few years or less, so I’m beyond excited to make my new place my own.
    Thank you again for the opportunity!

  27. Stephanie Clary says

    I’d love to try this out on some kitchen cabinets!

  28. I would use it on an older bookcase and bedroom set.

  29. Traci Sweeney says

    I have so many little projects I could use this on – first would be a table in my upstairs hallway! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  30. I would use it on a desk in a guest room.

  31. Mary Catherine says

    So smart to cut and inch off of the legs. I tend to forget easy things like that!

  32. Marilyn Nawara says

    I have a rocking chair i would like to redo.

  33. My Dad is going to be moving in with us soon and I would love to refurbish his outdoor dining set. He hasn’t really used it since my stepmom passed away almost 10 years ago so I think it would be a nice surprise.

  34. What do you recommend for a clear top coat over the rustoleum chalked?

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