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“Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver; the other gold.”

Such a busy, fun week we’ve had!  Last Friday was our Bowtie Ball, and last night was the school’s production of The Music Man.  Do you ever feel like school events keep you so busy that you can’t do any real work?   🙂

The kids have been rehearsing since September and their hard work paid off; it was a wonderful production made even more impressive by the fact that the majority of the actors were in 5th-7th grades.  Their director is a wonderful, energetic lady who is surely a candidate for sainthood!

My son was the lead, Harold Hill, and my daughter was an extra as one of the “Pick a Little” ladies.  She loves drama, too, but her ballet schedule comes first.

Here’s Harold with Marion Paroo before the show:

Here’s the sweetest part:  my son’s friends from Savannah road-tripped up to come and see him!  They left school at noon on Thursday, drove up and arrived at the theater right before the curtain time.

Fab Five

We set up a bunch of air mattresses and let them visit as late as they wanted, and yes, I gave my son the day off school today so they could spend more time together!

I’ve missed my friends, too, who happen to be their moms…so I had a happy reunion with two of them, too.


We poked around downtown Southern Pines a bit and then sent them on their way after lunch.


As I mentioned on Facebook, friends are one of life’s sweetest gifts and God’s greatest blessings.  This is a truly special group of friends and I love that distance doesn’t keep them apart.

And look what my new sweet friend, Ashly, contributed to the effort:


Isn’t that the nicest?  A box of snacks for all of the hungry teens (plus an air mattress).  I am definitely counting my blessings today.

And for those of you who have followed Sunny’s story and saw the update on Facebook about his decline {here}, he’s doing a bit better over the last two days, but still not great.  We’re going to consult with the vet about our options and hopefully do what’s best for our pup.  In the meantime, he was perky enough to enjoy lots of love from our houseguests, even though he’s clearly napping below!


Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh what precious memories. Congrats to all the children on a great production. His friends are diamonds for sure.

  2. I heard Connor was amazing!! So much fun for our Savannah kids, thank you for being such a wonderful hostess and friend!!

  3. I haven’t been on FB much lately so I was unaware of Sunny’s condition. This made my eyes leak. He is such a beautiful animal and so precious! It is so difficult when these decisions must be made but you’re so right, we must do what’s best for them and their quality of life. My boy is a rescue too ~ only way to go! 🙂 I will keep you in my prayers.
    It looks like the play was great and I’m so glad his friends were able to attend! Friends are truly such treasures in our lives. I’m sure they all had a blast! Ashly put together an incredible box of goodies…such a gracious gift. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  4. You are a super busy lady….and due to you being a great friend, you retain great friends…you are each other’s blessing…the play sounded wonderful…love The Music Man….So glad that the Bowtie Ball was a success as of course it was with you involved!…..So great that your son’s friends made the trip…had to have been an exciting few days in your household!

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