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We are currently spending a long weekend at the beach; it’s our last vacation before the kids go back to school at the end of the month. It’s also actually our first vacation of the summer since if you remember, my kids were both away for the summer and my husband was deployed overseas until a few weeks ago. Now that we’re all in one state and we’re done moving, we grabbed the opportunity to get away for a weekend together.

All of this is background to say that I realized a few weeks ago that I only had one swimsuit in my drawer and it was a very unflattering black tankini that I’ve had for about eight years. Swimsuit shopping is almost as much fun for me as moving, but I tried on about a half dozen of the internet’s most popular suits, and am sharing the three that I decided to keep and would recommend. I’m even going to show you they actually look on me to help you gauge sizing, so brace yourselves!

As I mentioned on Facebook, Amy shared this suit back in March before she went to the beach for spring break, so it was the first one I tried. It was also my favorite because it’s the perfect combination of fit and price at only $29.99.

Swimsuit Bathing Suit

| One Shoulder Ruffled Suit | Gold Flip Flops (similar) |

They have a ton of colors, but I ordered navy. This one is traditional swimsuit sizing (read: runs small) so I ordered a 10 and 12 to try (returns are free). I expected the 10 to fit, and it did, but I actually preferred the 12 and so that’s the one I kept. It was a little less tight around the leg and so a bit more flattering IMO. The leg is a lower cut than I’m used to but I am 47 and so it’s probably time to pay attention to that sort of thing!!

Bathroom selfie snap of the front:

And the side view:

You can see there’s some ruching at the belly which is a nice touch. There’s some compression in the fabric but there would have been more if I had sized down. The suit is excellent quality and once again, the price can’t be beat.

Because I have CLEARLY already overshared, here are my stats to help you compare sizing for yourself: I’m 5’5″ and currently weigh around 128 (I fluctuate between about 125-135). I wear a size 4 or 6 in regular clothes and am a 36C. I think I’ve hit the age where it’s super hard to find suits that are age-appropriate but also fashionable, but this one is a keeper.

Next up was this blue-green suit with a plunge neckline:

Swimsuit Bathing Suit

| Plunge suit (my color is seaweed) | Flip Flops |

OK, so maybe I’m the only one who sees Summersalt swimsuit ads all the time on Facebook, but they finally got me to bite and I ordered three different styles to try in different sizes. I love the way they are so inclusive with their use of models of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities; it makes it a lot easier to see what might look good on your particular body type.

I tried their bestselling Sidestroke style and almost kept it (I would have kept the size 6), but at $95 a pop I didn’t love it quite enough to justify it. I wanted to try the Atlas in black and white, but it was sold out in my size, so instead I ordered the Deep Dive in the same color combination and almost kept it (I would have kept the size 4). The one pictured is the Plunge, and I tried it in a 6 and 4 and kept the 4. That is some serious vanity sizing, y’all! I ordered the 6’s originally based on their measurement chart and they do run pretty large so if you’re a 0 or 00 in regular clothes this is probably not the brand for you. Returns and exchanges are free. They also offer extended sizing and long torso options so there’s quite a range to choose from and I think that’s one of the reasons they’re so popular.

Swimsuit Bathing Suit Summersalt Plunge

This one has the traditional higher cut leg and the criss-cross of the back straps means there’s good chest support as long as you’re in the right size. It’s definitely a well-made, high quality suit but the jury is still out on whether or not I think it’s worth $95. There are thousands of women who have left reviews on their website who think it is, though!

Oh, and they almost always have a free shipping coupon code floating around on the internet so try to use that for your initial purchase. I’ll come back and plug in the one I used if I can find it.

My third suit is this cute black and white gingham one piece from Albion Fit:

Albion Fit Black Check Top Knot Swimsuit

| Top Knot Gingham Swimsuit | Straw Hat (similar) |

It was the most expensive at $128, so easily the most I’ve ever paid for a swimsuit, but I really love it and I kept it. It’s super high quality and it’s flattering. I ordered a medium and am pleased with the fit. There’s definitely some compression but it doesn’t dig in anywhere.

The front which is really where it’s happening with this suit; there’s good support if you’re larger but I think the tie would also be flattering for a smaller bust:

I fully intended to try a similar but much less expensive suit from CupShe {here} but ran out of time. It’s only $29.99 so definitely worth a try at that price. I also wanted to try their ruffle stripe suit {here}.

Bottom line is that I kind of love trying on suits at home and will probably never go back to the store to buy one again. Let me know if you have questions about the fit of any of the ones I tried on and I’ll be happy to try to help. I’m mostly just relieved that now I can wait another five years or so before I buy another new suit!

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  1. You look fabulous and all the suits are great. I like your choices to keep. Have fun on your weekend getaway.

  2. You look TREMENDOUS in all of them. And thanks for sharing–not easy even when you look fabulous, as you do!

    • Thanks so much, Caroline! It was definitely out of my comfort zone but it’s so hard to buy a suit without seeing it on a “real” body that I figured I was doing everyone a public service (lol)!

  3. Appreciate the write up, your ladies recommendation of cabana life Rash Gaurds, was useful to me this summer. I bought one, but based on another tip of yours got it through Ebay! Thanks Again.

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