Fifteen Fabulous Closet Makeovers

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I’m assuming that I’m not the only one who loves to organize in January! Something about pulling down all of the Christmas decorations just starts me moving in that direction.  Every year, I donate decorations that we no longer use, and then it only seems natural that I turn my focus to my closet.

Because I volunteer weekly at a local thrift shop that uses its proceeds to help the needy in our community, there’s a lot of turnover in my closet! I’ll bring home some amazing purchases but I only let myself keep them if I donate a few items that don’t get worn. If you’re a Marie Kondo afficionado, then you’ll understand that sometimes clothes just stop “sparking joy” and it’s time to bless someone else with them.

My current closet at the MCC House has never been featured on the blog because it’s a non-climate controlled storage room off my master bedroom.  It also holds a lot of other stuff, like our luggage and some of the dining room furniture that just won’t fit in this house, and it’s not pretty.  Not even a little bit.  I’ve got tons of closet space, but my clothes are hanging on rolling racks and there’s nowhere to tuck things out of sight.  It looks kind of like an upscale yard sale.

I’m not complaining to be sure, but I guess my point is that I do love a pretty closet and so right now I’m living vicariously through some of my fellow bloggers, who were kind enough to share their beautiful closet spaces with us for this post.  I’ve linked to each of them so you can visit their blogs to enjoy all the photos and how-to’s (please pin from their blogs if you want to save ideas). Enjoy all of the inspiration!

15 Fabulous Closet Makeovers | 11 Magnolia Lane

Heather at Heathered Nest converted an entire room off her bedroom into a closet/dressing room and used secondhand IKEA Pax units.  They look like they’ve always been there and she’s got a ton of space:

Heathered Nest

We actually featured this walk-in beauty from Melissa at Polished Habitat back when she finished it, and it still gives me a thrill to look at what she accomplished.  They DIY’ed the built ins themselves and you absolutely must read her tutorial on how she made the clear acrylic purse holders because they are amazing!

Polished Habitat

I love a budget redo! Monica Wants It spent only $90 to update the walk-in closet that she shares with her husband, and shares some great tips for keeping accessories organized.

Monica Wants It

The wallpaper in Erin Spain’s new closet really makes the space, in my opinion, and I love how her light fixture and hardware are the cherry on top.

Erin Spain

Speaking of wallpaper, don’t you love this peel and stick wallpaper that Brooke at Cribbs Style used in her closet? Plus, she has a legit capsule wardrobe and since I love that whole idea but have pretty much failed at it, I find her closet absolutely fascinating.

Cribbs Style

When it comes to creating a shared closet space that is masculine enough for the guys but beautiful enough for the ladies, Jess at Domicile 37 absolutely killed it. My husband is jealous!

Domicile 37

I think I love the custom built ins most in this closet by Kristi at Making It In the Mountains.  Her husband DIY’ed them himself (impressive!) and she has a tutorial on how they built them, too.

Making It In the Mountains

Kati at Houseful of Handmade also DIY’ed some great closet organizers; you absolutely must see her husband’s roll-out pants rack.  Her entire redo cost around $100, which is pretty impressive in my book.

Houseful of Handmade

Kris at Driven by Decor was not a fan of the bi-fold doors on her master closet, so she pulled them down and hung curtains instead.  I also love the touches of gold and that groovy wallpaper!

Driven by Decor

Rachel Teodoro started with white wire shelving in her walk in closet (can I tell you that I hate white wire shelving?), but she and her husband added purchased closet organizers.  She has so much space in there that her closet also doubles as her sewing room!

Rachel Teodoro

Carrie at Lovely Etc. shares how she built this inexpensive but stunning shelving in her son’s closet; but of course you could easily DIY it in any own closet that needs more folded storage.

Lovely Etc.

If you have a quirky space to convert to closet storage, like this under the eaves area, don’t despair; head on over to see how Adam at Lazy Guy DIY (who actually isn’t lazy at all!) built this custom closet from scratch.

Lazy Guy DIY

Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick has some great ideas for closet organization, like the tie rack that she hangs her necklaces on (brilliant!). She and I both store our shoes in plastic bins #greatminds.

Thrifty Decor Chick

You can see a peek of the dreaded white wire shelving in my closet at our Nashville house; I gave it a mini facelift when we lived there and wound up loving the space.

My closet (three houses ago)

Last but certainly not least, Ashley at Attempts at Domestication reworked her shared closet with her husband, adding storage systems and this beautiful wallpaper that is a focal point for the entire space.

Attempts at Domestication

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I might need to climb the steps to my storage room/closet and see if I can rework things a bit now that I’ve seen all this gorgeousness!

Thanks for stopping by~

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  1. I can relate!! I love to spend January organizing my house, filing cabinets and my mind as well! I find it all so therapeutic!

    • I think there are quite a few of us doing exactly that. Of course, then I go to volunteer at the thrift shop and find a bunch to bring home, so it’s a never ending cycle with me!

  2. Goodness there are a wealth of ideas here! However, seeing some of this wallpaper gives me ideas for papering an installed bookcase, which I can’t wait to tackle! Thanks Christy as always for some great ideas!!

    • Papering a bookcase is a great way to add punch to a room! I’ve done it before and love how it looks. Good luck with your project, Julie!

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