Fall Cocktail Recipe: Moscow Mule

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Moscow mules--delicious cocktail with only three ingredients | 11 Magnolia Lane
We normally post our cocktail recipes on Fridays, but we have a fun giveaway that we have planned for you this week, so instead this will be your “how to get through hump day” drink!

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 The Moscow Mule is one of those oldies but goodies, and lately it’s been making a comeback.  Having tasted a few, I can see why–they are so refreshing and go down so easily.  I love the combination of ginger beer and fresh lime; it’s different but it works.  Also, any drink that requires its own copper mug gets two thumbs up from me!


Moscow Mule cocktail recipe ingredients | 11 Magnolia Lane
The ingredients are simple:  good vodka, fresh limes, ginger beer, and ice.  The copper mugs are a great touch (and a perfect Fall color, too!) but aren’t essential.

Ginger beer is not actually beer with alcohol in in (think root beer, birch beer, etc instead of Bud!).  I learned this at the liquor store after several circles around the beer section.  They directed me to the mixers and I found several varieties.  As you can see in the photo, I used Barritt’s for this particular round, and it was yummy–my kids even split one.  It’s got a much more ginger-y taste than ginger ale, and while I’m sure you could substitute that, I would stick to the ginger beer if at all possible.

Here’s the recipe:

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

 Pretty easy, isn’t it?  And they are SO GOOD!

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

A few notes about “accessories” for this drink.  First, my husband swears by the extra-large square ice cubes in cocktails (see below for sources).  They melt more slowly, keeping your drink from getting watered down, and they’re pretty cool-looking, too.  Second, a friend who is a bartender has recommended concentrated lime juice (not sweetened, just concentrated).  I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know.  Third, we are probably going to try to make our own ginger beer at some point to see if that makes the recipe even better.  I know that my husband’s Whisky Sours are absolutely amazing when we use all fresh, homemade ingredients, so I’m sure that will be the case with these, too.

There are variations of this drink that you can make using rum (kind of like a ginger mojito) or gin, too.

Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe | 11 Magnolia Lane

I found the gorgeous copper mugs at HomeGoods, along with the fall floral napkins in the photos, but Amazon has a great deal on mugs, too, if you can’t find them at HG.  Here are the links:

You can see all of our cocktail recipes, including Amy’s amazing Whipped Apple Cider martini, {here}.  Cheers!

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Moscow Mule Recipe


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