Easy Appetizer Recipes for a Girls’ Night Out

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I am popping back in to share the recipes from Terry’s birthday party last weekend. These are some of my very favorite appetizer recipes and I serve them pretty regularly when I entertain. If you’ve been to my house–you’ve probably had them and I have no doubt confessed to you how easy these are!

{If you missed it, the full party post is HERE}.


Fun 40th birthday party theme--cupcakes and cocktails


I am no longer at the point in my life where I like to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for a party, even when one of my dearest friends turns 40!  I admit that there was a time when I loved doing just that, but nowadays I prefer to enjoy decorating and enjoying the actual event instead of being stuck in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet recipe.

The theme of this party since it was an exclusively “ladies” event, was Cupcakes & Cocktails, so the menu was pretty easy. The cupcakes were purchased from the most wonderful little cupcake store, and we had  “mini” versions so our guests could sample the different flavors. We served those on our gold/crystal HomeGoods cupcake stands, which make everything seem more special.  In addition, I purchased several platters of dips and veggies from a high-end grocery store to fill the menu in with no effort required on my part.



Before I get to the recipes, I wanted to share the drink we concocted for the event. I was inspired by my birthday gift to Terry, which was this book HERE {Soiree by Danielle Rollins*}, I’d seen a few other bloggers raving about what a lovely book it was and knew it would be the perfect gift for the “Party Planner” herself –Terry.

When we thumbed through it we discovered a delicious sounding recipe for a Lemon Prosecco drink. That recipe calls for wedges of lemon, sugar, limoncello and prosecco served over ice. We simplified it by just pouring the chilled Prosecco into glasses, adding a bit of Limoncello and garnishing with a lemon wedge–and of course the requisite pink & white straw. These were such a hit! I’ll be sure to serve them again, YUMMY 🙂



For the food, I made three appetizers in addition to the cupcakes and the platters, we had way more food than we could eat, so all was well.








OK, really no recipe required for this easy classic. Just skewer cherry tomatoes and store-bought fresh mozzarella with a basil leaf, and dip in balsamic vinegar. Note: they are better if you assemble with the cheese on the top as it will absorb the balsamic dip better than tomatoes {#oops}.







I blogged about this recipe in another of Terry’s events {HERE} and it’s become quite popular on Pinterest with very good reason. This appetizer only has 4 simple ingredients, can be made in minutes and is absolutely delicious. It’s my entertaining “secret” weapon!

The ingredients are–one bunch green scallions, softened log of goat cheese, olive oil and french bread (sliced). That’s all, seriously!

You just chop the scallions very finely {I use a food processor, and if you have one– even a “mini”– it will give you the best result}, then slowly add olive oil (about 1/4 a cup, just until it becomes spreadable}. Using a brush {a dull knife is OK too in a pinch} spread the mixture on the slices of bread. For this event I tried Against All Grain Gluten-Free French Bread {I eat gluten-free, more on that soon} and they came out even better than on regular bread! That may surprise you but this bread makes up for the lack of wheat {gluten} with lots of cheese in it so of course they were extra delicious. This bread does have air bubbles though, so you’ll only be able to use the thicker parts of it, just save the rest for another use. It’s also pretty pricey, so you may want to make a regular version if your having a large event.

goat cheese appetizer

To finish them off, just spread the softened goat cheese on the top of the scallion/olive oil mixture, and broil until slightly browned {watch carefully, it only takes minutes} and serve. I promise you nobody will believe they are that simple! These were gone in minutes, I always take that to be a good sign.


These are also so fast and easy to make. I LOVE Spanikopita because I love anything with feta cheese. However, the few times I have attempted to make something with filo dough, I remember it’s just not worth the time and effort. These little filo dough cups are such an easy shortcut for the same result, I find them in the frozen appetizer section of the grocery store, if I not mistaken I got this recipe off the box? {disclosure!}


15 Filo Dough Shells {1 pack}

1 Package Frozen Spinach {thawed and drained}

1/3 Cup Feta Cheese

1/3 Cup Ricotta Cheese

1 Egg {slightly beaten}

1/3 Cup Green Onion

Dash of Salt/Pepper

Mix together, spoon into shells and bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

Pretty easy huh?!?

So, now you know all my secrets!  Such an easy menu, but pretty much a no-fail one… be sure to let me know if you give these a try and they work out well for you!


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  1. All of these recipes sound delicious and perfect for entertaining. Thank you for sharing!

  2. A 4 ingredient appetizer recipe is always a great thing…and it looks like a little effort with a big impact!…So great to have Girls Night Out!….

  3. Somehow I missed this ~ so happy to find it and these wonderful appetizers! They look wonderful and I’m glad they’re easy. I really like the idea of the Limoncello & Prosecco too. Thanks so much for sharing!


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