{DIY} Art Display Board for my Daughter’s Room

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art board marked


My daughter is away visiting her cousins this week, courtesy of her wonderful grandparents, so I have been fixing up her room as a little surprise when she gets back. As you read recently, we just moved to this house, so her room needs a little attention. As my youngest, and only girl, her room gets a fair bit of my attention cause it’s just so stinking fun to decorate for her!

Her last room was seen in this post , as below, and it was vintage, white and pink, and very serene.

white room and bed


Her room was sweet and pretty, but my girl is becoming her own little person and quite honestly I can say she doesn’t have a ‘serene’ bone in her little body. So, I recently started thinking about what to do in her new room with much input from her–she wants it to be “pink, purple, blue AND green!” But, when I found the fabric for the Art Board, I instantly loved it. It’s a great jumping off point for the next evolution of her room. Stay tuned, more of her room “reveal” to come soon!

So, this project really began when I found this art taped to her wall.

art on wall


Cute huh? But we have standards around here and we don’t tape things to walls 🙂  As any parent knows, preschool/kindergarten art can take over your life. I wrote here about how I store her masterpieces, but I decided she needed a place to display her favorite artwork in her room. And, when I showed her the fabric, she clapped, screamed “I love it!” and I knew we had a winner.


{Just a note,  the design is bold and colorful but the fabric is photographing with a much “brighter” look than in real life, it’s pretty fun but its not necessarily “neon” as its appearing in some photos.}

I have made a burlap covered bulletin board {see it here} using this technique before.

To start for her board, I spray painted all my nail head trim and nails gold for more fun, girly look.

spray paint nails2

Here is the trim I used if you are curious. You can buy a similar one HERE.

nailhead trim


I used a basic, large art canvas, purchased at Michaels, and 2 pieces of plain foam board. I trimmed the foam board and stuck it in the back of the art canvas so the tacks would have something to grab on to.

board in canvas1

Then, I just stapled the fabric on the frame and added the trim. Below is my little trick I used to curve the nails nicely around the corners…

dish for trim

nail head trim

And here it is, I want her to have the fun of decorating it when she gets home so I have left it unadorned for now, but it’s still pretty.

full view 2

A fun easy way to add some color to her room, and a place for her to hang up all her favorite creations {without scotch tape!}.

board with artwork



art board1


art board close

I have more to do in her room, it’s keeping me busy until she gets home {sniff, sniff}.

One more time…

full view 2

Do you think she will like it? I hope so…






  1. Crystal York says

    I think it’s wonderful & I think your daughter will love it. I’m going to get right on it and make one for each of my daughters. The fabric is beautiful too…such a great idea.

  2. Bright and beautiful. Just what we all need for Spring and any girl would love it! She’ll be so surprised when she gets back home!

  3. can you be my neighbour 😉

  4. Andrea H says

    I could have sworn you had posted the info about this fabric, but I don’t see it. Do you know the details and are you willing to share them? I’d love to make a shower curtain for my girls with this.

  5. Linda Beattie says

    So cute!!!!!!!! What size is your corkboard?

  6. i loooove the fabric!! Where did you find it?

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