Clean Up Your Carpets this Spring w/ BISSELL–Even when you have Pets!

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Thank you BISSELL for sponsoring this post. Spring cleaning is made easier (and fun!) with BISSELL products.


Today I’d like to tell you all about our dog, Lucy. You all who stop by regularly know quite a bit about Christy’s dogs and that they recently lost their older dog, Sunny. I know he is deeply missed, he was truly the sweetest guy. We also have a dog, and she’s popped in here and there and even occasionally shows up on Instagram, though I don’t know that she has had her full “reveal” to our readers. She is a Silver Labrador named Lucy.


Several years ago, just when we were moving across the state, my husband suddenly said “I’d like to have a dog”, to which I immediately said, “Um, not now!” and moved right on. Completely undeterred, he spent the next several months researching the Silver Lab breed {which is a recessive gene of the chocolate lab, it gives their coat either a silver or charcoal color, but they are still labradors} and settled on a source. He then meticulously researched the lineage of the dog, because he wanted our dog to not just be a safe companion for our kids but also to be his hunting partner, which meant she needed to be both smart and trainable. I was still not sold on it, but before I knew it this little sweet girl came home.



{I know are you dying? She was the cutest thing EVER! The blue eyes don’t last long, but she is just as sweet now 🙂 }

Now, a few short years later, to say we are smitten with her is an understatement. We love her, adore her, and can’t help but rave about her disposition when strangers seek us out to ask about her unique coloring.  She just might be the world’s most perfect dog.




She’s a triple threat– smart, pretty and sweet–and unlike many spirited labs, I have to check her pulse to make sure she’s alive most days she is so mellow. Her only flaw is she is quite the photobomber, especially when I am trying to take a picture of a nice sunny spot 🙂



All that being said, she still makes a mess. While she doesn’t shed very much {again, #perfectdog} she does occasionally track in dirt and mud like any dog would. So when Bissell asked for volunteers to try out their BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Cleaner I was like, “Pick Me!” because oh yes, some very messy kids live here too. Muddy cleats are the story of my life, our poor carpets really don’t stand a chance.

These carpets have seen better days, for sure. We bought our home ‘As-Is’ and somehow despite all the updates we’ve made around here some of the carpets still need to be replaced.  I do plan to pull all the carpet off the steps to expose the hardwoods but with a long list of projects ahead of me, the stair carpet was in dire need of some clean-up to carry us through.



This landing is Lucy’s favorite spot in the house, because from this vantage point she can watch to see if anyone is pulling up in front of our house. Particularly if it is my husband arriving or if the kids are coming home from school, that calls for EXTREME joy on her part. Well, as does the UPS man or pretty much anyone else who appears at the door really, she is a lab after all.  So her “spot” on our landing was pretty soiled, and these steps are front and center when you enter our house.




See the dark edge on the top step above? Yes, that’s her spot. Right there is where her paws hang over the stair when she is on watch and it is showing it. I set up the Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Cleaner and used the recommended Bissell cleaners specifically designed for pets, and went about seeing if I could improve this area as part of my recent spring cleaning binge.




The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Upright Cleaner is simple to use, you fill the top container up with hot water and add the cleaning solution. I used the 2x Pet Stain & Odor Remover, you just pour it in, no mixing, it couldn’t be simpler.  If you have really bad ‘accident’ stains, be sure to use the Professional Pet Urine Eliminator.  I also added the Oxo Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer which is specially designed to permanently remove tough pet stains, because I knew we’d need the extra ‘oomph’. This worked like a charm! You also just pour it in; this product is designed to work along with the Pet Stain and Odor Remover for even better cleaning. Per the machines instructions I made two “wet” passes, then followed with two “dry” passes to pull the dirt up, and then was done.  It dried fast and since the BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Formulas also have Scotchgard™ they help keep carpets looking newer, longer and restore and protect the carpet.




After I gave the top landing a good cleaning, and the carpet was SPARKLING when I was done, the edge of the step {where the rollers of the machine couldn’t reach} was still filthy. The machine has a hand-held attachment, so next I was able to just use that to really get the edge clean. This is also perfect for smaller pet stains, you can get them right up using it.




The entire carpet is now several shades lighter and the edge no longer is dark brown. Awesome! Previously, I had to hire a carpet cleaner guy, who does a great job when I called him frantically the day before we had a party and I decided I HAD to clean up the carpets. Though after a few weeks, my son would inevitably track mud in and all that money would all be in vain. With a much lower investment in our own carpet cleaner, this makes so much more sense! It’s not like the kids are going to stop playing outside {or remember to take their shoes off when they come in #sigh} or the dog is going to relinquish her favorite spot so this is a lifesaver. Here is a shot looking down on ‘her’ landing, you can see how much cleaner the carpet is!




As you all know, I am all about making my life easier. Things are hectic enough without having to schedule the carpet cleaner or be stressed by dirty carpets when you have guests over. This machine is an easy way to clean-up after your pets, and I know you love your animals just as much as we love ours, right? You can get your own machine and the cleaning products at, or retailers nationwide! Happy Spring Cleaning everyone 🙂

PS. Since you read all the way down on this post AND I can’t keep a secret any longer, I’ll spill it for those of you who hung in here with me—see the cute picture of Lucy as a puppy? She’s about to have a litter of those of her own! In just a few short weeks, we’ll have puppies galore 🙂 We are going to need some serious cleaning once they are running around! Follow on Instagram to see all the cuteness!  #wearehavingpuppies! #ohmygoodness! 





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  1. Aimee Kent says

    I want to enter the giveaway for a free puppy! ? She is too cute, Amy!

    • I know, we may be having a giveaway for one little silver lab here soon! Ha! I love it 🙂 Thanks Aimee! Hope you are well! Amy

  2. Beautiful dog!

  3. What a sweetie you have in Lucy. The personality in her eyes and face – adorable.

  4. Linda Pemberton says

    She is a beautiful dog. Had to put my Scottish terrier down yesterday. So maybe he and Sunny are hangin’ out together!
    Hope all goes well with the delivery!

    • Oh Linda, so sorry to hear about your dog! They are so special 🙂 That is a lovely sentiment about Sunny, thanks so much for taking a moment to tell us! Hugs!

  5. She is such a beautiful girl!! You can tell she’s extremely sweet. Our fur babies bring so much joy and companionship and become family. Puppies? Oh my stars! I can’t wait to see all the sweetness! I’m so impressed
    with the Bissel cleaner and products. I need that immediately to clean my bedroom carpet. Carpet in apts is certainly not the quality one would have in their home and it shows dirt way too easily. Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. So happy for this post , we have an older yellow lab and I am in the market for a home rug cleaner!! Thanks for taking the time to go through the process !
    I’d like to enter the drawing for a beautiful puppy ???

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