Antlers as Home Decor

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I’ve been a little bit obsessed with deer antlers lately.  I think Terry started it when she found that amazing wooden stag/deer head for her baby’s nursery {here}.

new baby

That little baby is pretty, sweet, too!

I looked on Craigslist and mostly found stuffed deer heads.  I’m not quite sure I’m ready to take that plunge yet, although I come from a family of hunters.  Mostly I remember being scared. to. death of the stuffed deer head at my grandmother’s house when I was little.

I did find one box of antlers, but they wanted $50 for them!  Then I remembered that, as mentioned above, I come from a family of hunters.  I’m smart like that.  I called my uncle, who lives in Michigan, and who just happened to be coming for a visit.  He brought me four antlers, or “sheds” as they call them (because the deer shed them and they find them in the woods).  I think one set–the four-pointers–were from one of my cousin’s deer, but they separated them for me.

Here’s what I did with two of them:

Deer antlers in home decor

It isn’t rocket science; I just incorporated them into the decor on our shelves.

Deer antler

They’re mostly white, but the bases are knobby and rough.  I just used them as-is.

Deer antlers I had to move them higher on the shelves because the dogs went crazy over them and I’m sure would have chewed them to bits by now if I had let them.  I guess that makes sense.

I’ve seen the antler chandeliers, but I’m not a huge fan of those.  I think I like this look better…it adds a little interest but doesn’t overwhelm the style of the room.  By the way, remember that white duck that started out bright blue?  I like him much better this way!

What are you favorite natural decor pieces?  Turtle shells?  Coral?  Or are you an antler fan, too?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I’m loving antlers and trying to figure ways (that aren’t overly huntsman/lodgey) to incorporate in my home. I know “coastal” is really in, but antlers are man-enough to make my man happy. I’m planning to put several shed antlers in a large hurricane on one table. You can also get the plaster molds at Ballard – considering that formal my sitting room on a chocolate brown wall. I also found silver antler candlesticks at a antique show – I didn’t buy them and am kicking myself!!! Oh yes, I did have custom pillows made out on an antler print (the pattern is Lee Jofa “Antlers”) that are sitting on my leather sectional. Keep the antler suggestions coming!!!!

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