A “Sweet” Heart Martini just in time for Valentine’s Day

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I am sharing this drink since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  I am also sharing it because if you are at the point where I am this winter, you too deserve a drink! Between the bitter cold, the foot of snow that hit the ground overnight and the fact that my children are out of school for their million-teenth day-off school I know that this little treat is universally well-deserved if not, completely needed.


Recently, my bartender “sweetheart” of a husband {hence the name} came up with a new martini concoction based on this drink he’s been making for years. A few simple ingredients, mixed with ice in a shaker and suddenly you are dreaming about summer and forgetting all about what that dang groundhog said!

Here are the drink ingredients…


Most of these are readily available-I pick up the simply lemonade at the grocery store, the rest you can purchase wherever you get your alcohol. You also need, as with all our martinis, a shaker, strainer, cold martini glass, and ice. You also need a fresh lemon.

drink poured lemonade


{NOTE: please adjust this to your taste and tolerance, these are strong, one-drink-is-enough-type drinks!}

Pour the following in the shaker with ice:

2 oz Sour Mix {we use Phantastic Poe’s–do not use “sweet and sour” mix, if you can’t find it, use simple syrup.}

2 oz Peach Schnapps

7 oz of Pink Lemonade Vodka

5 oz Simply Lemonade with Raspberry

Shake drink in shaker with glass covering the top–till your hand is too cold to shake anymore–that is our rule! Using the strainer, pour the drink into a chilled martini glass. This will make approximately 2 martinis, but again, you can adjust to your personal taste.

NOW, THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Squeeze Fresh Lemon Juice into the drink as soon as it’s poured, this tampers the sweetness and gives it a special “fresh” taste, it’s SO worth it!

My husband goes one step further and runs fresh lemon around the glass, then finishes the drink with the lemon “twist”.

drink glass lemon

Of course, for these drinks, we added a heart “peep” in honor of Valentine’s day.



And that, my friends, is our “Sweetheart” Martini, a perfect way to celebrate this holiday!


See all my husband’s {and our other} drink concoctions here:

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So, what are your Valentine’s plans?





  1. Wow, this looks wonderful!..Pinning to my “drink” board!….Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend!

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