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home office with ikea expedits and countertops

I have been hard at work polishing up several areas of my home, including my office (or as some would say, my “Mom Cave”). We converted this space from a playroom (this would be a great before and after, you wouldn’t believe it! } into my home office two years ago as I have a design business specializing in wedding and event invitations. I was SO happy when it was finally done, as I said this is the only space in the house that is ALL MINE! MINE! MINE!

The majority of my working, crafting and blogging is done here. I honestly spend most of my time in here. Almost everything is from IKEA. I really liked the similar craft desk from Pottery Barn, but didn’t have the budget for it so I made my own from IKEA with 3 Expedit shelves and 2 IKEA table tops–it was probably less then $250 when it was all said and done. I have a TON of work space on the top which comes in handy when I am cutting, taping and assembling invitations. I also have a ton of storage for all my papers and supplies below.



The armoire behind the desk came into our marriage with my husband (he used it to store his clothes in his closet-less bachelor apartment), and I couldn’t wait to make it pretty with some new white paint. It’s now my gift wrap (and business packaging) storage. My favorite part is the chalkboard door where I can keep a running list of what I need to work on so I don’t get too sidetracked reading blogs. Which happens all too regularly around here….

armoire used in office


I am in the process of redoing a chair for the space…right now I have a very large (very comfortable) chair from our living room but it’s not exactly the right scale, is it? I will post on my new desk chair as soon as I finish pulling out the 5000 staples from the old upholstery–it might be awhile. {Edit: See it HERE}

And, don’t you love the houndstooth curtains? (Sorry, I don’t have a great picture but you can see them on the window in this image) but anyway, my girlfriend Tracey got them from a model home, and they were so wide we were able to cut them in half and each get a pair out of them. Nice friend!



I use these little buckets and towel bar (from the kitchen section in IKEA) to keep all sorts of things that pile up on the desk at arm’s reach.





As a graphic designer, I am BIG on words and letters…these letters are my favorite part of the room. I just some sprayed Hobby Lobby letters and I covered a cheap bulletin board with fabric for an inspiration board. I think the word art makes the room a lot more interesting.



I am still tweaking this space, but it’s come a long way in a few weeks.


Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great Space! I love it!

  2. I bet you are loving your new space! If you are like me you are probably sitting there now just enjoying all the newness of it all! I am so silly about it- I sit in my kitchen and just stare at the newly mopped floor – that may be caz it gets cleaned so rarely!

    bee blessed

  3. It looks great! I’d LOVE to have my own space. No room 🙁

    Visiting from Serenity Now!

  4. Love your space. I too have an Ikea desk and shelves and love them.

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