11 Magnolia Lane’s Best Holiday Home Tour EVER–Part 2!!

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Christmas holiday home tour

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 Remember that I left you hanging in the Audrey Hepburn room last time?  Well, as promised, here’s part 2 of the tour of my friend Andrea’s amazing home in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.  You can take a look at Part 1 of her holiday home tour here.  Just a reminder, this is military housing (!) she has worked these wonders with! Also, take a peek at her Facebook page for her shop, Mildred & Mable’s, located in historic downtown Clarksville, Tennessee (do you have any really last-minute shopping to do, still?  I do!!).  We’ll be hosting a M&M’s giveaway shortly; in fact, I’ll be at the shop this week picking out something wonderful to offer our followers.  Can’t wait!

I’m going to show you a ton of pictures and not “talk” too much; they speak for themselves.  There are a lot of pictures so it may take awhile to load, but I promise you that it’s worth it.  I will finish up with pictures of the front of her house, which might seem backwards, but they’re worth waiting for.  So, without further ado, back to Andrea’s office/closet/boudoir.  This used to be a playroom for her two girls, but Mama’s taken it over now! 🙂

Christmas holiday home tour

Open shelving and mannequins artfully display jewelry.

The Tiffany boxes under the tree are a great touch–I never throw mine away either because they’re so pretty, and now I know what to do with them.  By the way, the open cubbies you see in the picture are actually on the opposite wall–they’re reflected in the collection of mirrors on the wall behind the mannequin and the Tiffany tree.


Below is her desk area–what a great place to make buying decisions for the store!


Love the open steamer trunk on the floor.

You are so classy, Audrey!

There are two towers of open cubbies on either side of the bench.  Andrea knows a wonderful gentleman who can make anything she can dream up.

I just love this room–it’s so glamorous!


{Source for plug-in chandelier}

Just a quick shot of the stair landing–I never would have thought to have put a piece here, but it looks great.


Check out the “Family” saying on the wall–black vinyl on top of the wall that was simply painted a darker color and framed out.  Easy instant artwork!


Andrea’s girls share a bathroom and they just had their decor updated to hot pink, black and white–Paris chic.  Take a look at how she handled the big plate glass mirror below–you can’t pull those down in military housing, so she simply hung two frames.  I never would have thought to do it, but it works great.  Can you see the darling flower chandelier in the reflection?


These mosquito netting and tulle canopies are pretty easy to find at garage sales, and what a great idea to hang one in the water closet–why not?


Here’s her younger daughter’s room:


Did you see the book racks on the wall next to both beds?  I love those!  Ikea used to sell a spice rack that doubled as a book rack, but they just discontinued them.  I am desolate.

Here’s her own lavender tree…

Check out the chenille bedspread that was repurposed as a window treatment.

Vinyl initials adhered directly to the wall are “framed”.  I can’t remember if Andrea painted all the white circles on the wall or used vinyl, but if you wanted to do a similar treatment, either would work (vinyl would be faster and easier, but more expensive unless you have your own machine).

Here’s her older daughter’s room.  I think she’s about to get a total room redo, so we’ll try to do a feature on that when it happens.

I love the striped walls behind the bed

This room sports a beautiful pink tree:



Now a few shots from Andrea’s bedroom and bathroom…

Andrea’s husband went to West Point–isn’t this a great old cadet uniform?

Even the top of the armoire is sporting eye candy!

Every bedroom needs a Christmas tree!

This is the small hall between Andrea’s master bedroom and en suite bathroom.  Just by using a tension rod and filmy curtains, she defined the space and made it special and glamorous.  That gorgeous vintage chandelier, mirror, and architectural piece above the doorway complete the look.

I don’t normally share so many shots of bathrooms, but her decor is so clever in here that I can’t resist.  The next two pictures are in the WC area of her master bath.

Antique enamelware medical cabinet

Here’s another great use of a tension rod and a repurposed vintage bedspread:

I can see Ellen cleaning in this picture–the tour of homes was that night and she was scrambling to get the house pristine before all the ladies arrived.  Thanks for letting me shoot around you, Ellen!

The last thing I’m going to show you is the front of Andrea’s house, just like I promised.  The grapevine, threaded with clear twinkle lights, is one of her signature decorating accents and looks wonderful above her front door.


As you can see, Andrea has made their military quarters into an absolute showplace, with a perfect mixture of elegance and whimsy.  I hope you all enjoyed the tour as much as I enjoyed showing it to you.  Andrea, thank you for opening your home to us!

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Thanks for stopping by–and Merry Christmas, y’all!



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