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Friends, we’re so happy to welcome Heather from The Heathered Nest to her debut at our holiday open house! We’ve been big fans of hers for awhile but finally got to meet her this summer at the Haven conference.  The girl has some amazing DIY skills, and she’s hilariously funny, so be sure to visit her blog for more inspiration.  Here she is:


heathered nest holiday home tour 2015
Come in! Come in! Baby it’s cold outside!

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

We’ve got the fire all ready for you! This is our first year blogging, so it is a real thrill to be a part of such a wonderful, talented group for this amazing holiday home tour hosted by 11 Magnolia Lane. If it’s your first time over here at the Heathered Nest, welcome, and happy holidays. We’re so very glad you have come to our home!

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


This is our family room. Typically, our holiday decor is very bright and bold and over-the-top. This year, I just couldn’t hack it. It was just too much unpacking, too much re-packing, too many chotchkies that would require more dusting…so I pared it down considerably this year (believe it or not).

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

Here’s our mudroom…go ahead and take your coat off and hang it in here. I’ll take you back in through the foyer.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

That tree is a cheapo fake tree, but we “spruced” it up with some real pine branches. Makes a WORLD of difference in how it looks. And the fake branches will last the whole holiday season, believe it or not. It’s a cheap way to really make a fake tree look like a million bucks!

"Spruce" up your fake christmas tree with real pine branches!! IT'S FREE!! And SUPER EASY!! heatherednest.com


We decorate with pine clippings everywhere we can.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

It’s inexpensive, smells great, and brings a lot of color and life into the house.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

Here’s our powder room. For some reason, it seems bloggers take a lot of photos of soap in bathrooms, so who am I to question the trend, right?

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015

I give you…our soap. And a guest towel. I know…impressive, right? Ground-breaking, world altering holiday decorating? Not so much. Let me show you the dining room.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


Pinecones, branches, scarves, fruit…those are our go-to’s this year for holiday decor.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


Into the living room.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


AKA the kids playroom. In fact, in the two years we’ve been in this house, this room has never looked like this…EVER. Just out of camera eye shot, you would see bins of Legos, trains, the play kitchen, etc, etc…but for one moment in time, I will bask in the glory of one section of “clean”.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


Care for a drink before we move along? I sure do.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


Here is the guest bathroom.

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


Again with the soap. See what a professional blogger I’ve become? It’s truly inspired (eye rolling emoji here).

heathered nest holiday home tour 2015


And the last stop on the tour…our guest room. This is where you’ll bunk down if you indulge in one too many cocktails from the bar. Fine by us, we love company!

Heathered Nest Holiday Guest Room Christmas Decor heatherednest.com


Thanks so very much for joining us for our holiday tour. We would be ever so pleased to see you again here at the Nest. We sincerely hope that each of you have a wonderful, peaceful, happy and bright holiday season.

Heathered Nest Holiday Guest Room Christmas Decor heatherednest.com

There are so many lovely house tours coming up here at 11 Magnolia Lane. It’s such a wonderful time of year in the land of blogging, isn’t it?! Cheers!



Thanks, Heather!  It’s all beautiful, and I think your soap looks pretty darned professional!

You can check out the entire series {here}, follow our group Open House Pinterest board {here}, and our A Season of Giving series {here}.  And if you’re not sick of us by then, please come back tomorrow; we’ll be featuring Shirley from Housepitality Designs!

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  1. Beautiful Heather! That white brick fireplace is gorgeous and the guest room ceiling is amazing! And love the soap 😉 Great job. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh so beautiful and I agree, the soap is perfection.

  3. Kimberly Wolf says

    I love that their are holiday influences thought the house even if it’s suddle

  4. Absolutely beautiful ~ especially the soap! 🙂 I love the whole house but that guest room is calling my name. The ceiling is gorgeous. I’m enjoying the “less is more” and all the creative touches.


  5. Such great ideas. Thanks for sharing

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. Believe it or not, I have fallen hard for your cow print in your guest room! Desperately want one! <3

  8. Love Heather’s beautiful home and her attitude of less is more. Love how she decorated with lots of greens…the mudroom is adorable…loving that bench….and what can I say about that amazing ceiling in the guest room….gorgeous.
    Yes, and it’s all about the soap!…:)

  9. I love that guest room! Very beautiful! Very nice giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  10. Thank you ladies so very, very much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful, festive series. And thanks for all the lovely comments…Shirley, Sharon, Pat, Marty, Becky, Kimberly, Sharon, Alison, Dirie, Sonia…thank you all!

  11. I love the use of greenery throughout the decorations.

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