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Yay–today we’re featuring Brenna from Domestic Charm, and this is her debut at our holiday open house!  She’s a North Carolina girl, just like me, and we got to meet each other this summer (in Atlanta, of course!).   Check out her beautiful holiday home:


Hi y’all! I’m Brenna from Domestic Charm. I am so glad you have stopped by this holiday season for my holiday home tour! A HUGE thank you to Amy and Christy for allowing me to join in on this fantastic Holiday Open House that they host. Haven’t you been inspired and in awe of the other home tours? Just gorgeous!


The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love the hustle and bustle of decorating and cooking and gathering with friends and family. It makes me count my blessings and realize how wonderful it is to be able to celebrate the season. Putting up the lights, lighting the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and gazing at the tree are so relaxing to me. Especially when the Nutcracker Suite is playing in the background.



This year I chose to decorate the front part of the house in a silver and gold theme. I just felt like glitter was very important this year! And it felt a bit more adult. When we have people over for the holidays, we usually end up sitting in here so I wanted to decor to speak more to an adult gathering. The kids have their own spaces.




I keep my dining room pretty simple. Just a centerpiece and a few holiday items strewn about. On Christmas day this table will be filled with food. My father and I spend all day cooking together. I adore cooking with my dad!



This beautiful stag is a new addition to the holiday decor and I am madly in love with him.



The keeping room is our main gathering space in the house. Traditional red and green is very necessary! Our decor incorporates natural elements to add to that cozy feeling.






Now let’s take it upstairs, shall we….



I allow my children to decorate their own rooms. They have their own little trees and lights and things. I help them out, but they essentially call the shots. Hence the reason that there are only a few photos….


My son chose to illuminate his baseball collection.


And my daughter adorned her deer heads.

As for the playroom, we just added a few colorful baubles.



Would you like to join me for a little cup of cocoa? I appreciate you all stopping by. I wish you and your family a season filled with blessings! And don’t forget to keep checking in with our lovely hosts at 11 Magnolia Lane for even more fabulous holiday home tours!



My helper now requires a nap.




It’s lovely, Brenna–thanks so much for sharing it with us!

You can check out the entire series {here}, follow our group Open House Pinterest board {here}, and our A Season of Giving series {here}.  And please come back tomorrow; we’ll be featuring Erin from Sunny Side Up!

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  1. Angela Betlewicz says

    Everything looks so wonderful! Pretty! 🙂

  2. Brenna’s home looks so festive and beautiful! Love the simple and elegant touches, so warm and inviting!

  3. Love the traditional touches!

  4. Lovely home. Love the ice skates. We used our daughters throughout our home as well. Brings back memories. Enjoying all the tours. Finally got pictures posted.

  5. I also have decorated my home in a silver/gold/glitter theme for the holidays! Our Christmas trees look almost identical. I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate my fireplace though. I think I’ll pick up some wooden letters and spray paint them gold. Oh, how I love this time of year! Curling up with family and friends around a crackling fireplace, with hot cocoa, warm blankets, and good conversation. This time of year really brings out those special moments!

  6. Gorgeous home! Her kid’s rooms and playroom Christmas decorations gave me some great ideas! I also loved her stag centerpiece!

  7. Loved her kid’s rooms and playroom decorations! I also LOVE the stag centerpiece!

  8. Brenna’s home is beautifully, beautifully decorated for Christmas….and if you ask me what one of my favorite parts of her holiday decor is, it would have to be they way her son wanted to light up his baseball collection…so very special!
    Great tour!!!

  9. Beautiful tour! I actually really loving her playroom with the bright, non-traditional colors!

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