Master Bathroom Reveal {part 1}



I know I have been talking about this space forever! I thought I would pop in today and show off the state of our updated master bath. The sun came out for a few hours yesterday morning and I was able to snap some super quick photos–I had all of 5 minutes before we had to be at a dance rehearsal so they aren’t really even ‘styled’ but at least there was finally some natural light in the room. I think we’ve had 15 straight days of rain on the East Coast or something? That is unusual for us! The space is not 100% complete, we have some projects that should make the room look different when it’s all said and done.  All the blue accents will be gone in the end but I thought I’d show it as is and then, hopefully in a few weeks {when all the end of year school madness is over} I’ll finish it up and then I can show it off all over again :).

To start, here is a flashback to the before of our bath, which sat sadly in this condition for 2 years before I decided to just jump in and pull that darn huge mirror off the wall. You can read about that here, it made a huge difference as adding the two new HomeGoods mirrors gave our very builder basic bathroom a much-needed upgrade. {Similar mirrors are HERE}.



Above is what we started with–damaged walls, a huge white vanity, cream tile and the largest bathroom mirror ever! We updated to the two smaller mirrors and had the space painted {I typically paint myself but there are 4 doors, the shower/tub tile and the window and I just didn’t have it in me to deal with all that detail work}. The color is Functional Gray from the Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn collection. I will tell you I feel like it has slightly more brown than I wanted in the space, but that works well with both the white and the cream so overall it was a good choice.




It is hard to tell from the pictures but we have the design challenge of cream tile with a pure white vanity, and have with chrome fixtures. The nice thing is that it is a neutral space. A friend of mine with a design background made the point when I lamented the “boring” factor that the space could be much worse especially if I had a dark colored tile to work around. While we’d love to do a total bathroom overhaul {with a interest-worthy standalone tub, marble shower etc.} we recognize that we’re pretty much at the top of the market for our home already so that would not be a wise investment. Consequently, this ‘makeover’ was purely a cosmetic update, we focused on just polishing up what we already had.




After the painting was done, I reinstalled the two mirrors and added these rattan blinds {a larger version than the ones in our powder room}. With the less traditional decor changes I have planned  the ghost chair should mix in the space better. It was an affordable solution for a chair for the space, for now I am just happy to be able to sit down to put on my makeup 🙂




I also swapped out the chrome cabinet knobs for some inexpensive glass ones with some sparkle. These might see another upgrade down the road to something a little more dramatic, time will tell, I had these on hand already, and they look better then the plainer previous ones. A little sparkle never hurts 🙂




We did not do anything with the lights or the faucets, though again that might happen down the road. Since it is only my husband and I using the space and we probably won’t live here forever, I have other things that are higher on my house wish list 🙂




Getting ready to go out the first few times after the space was all done was such a treat. This room makes primping much more enjoyable now! I’ll be back once I get the last few things knocked out–somehow I have 3 room makeovers in the works right now–which is crazy but I’m sure I’ll catch up once school ends here in another week or two.


Master Bathroom in Functional Gray

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  2. Looks beautiful! I love, love the mirrors.

  3. Your space looks great! Would you mind sharing your source for the beach print? Thanks!

  4. Oh Amy, I love those mirrors and the Ghost chair! I also love the new blindand rug! So chic! Amazg how you transformed this space, enjoy!

  5. Love it!! Looks soooo inviting!

  6. Furniture Store Parker says:

    absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

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