The Real Story On {or Pros & Cons of} Marble Countertops

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I apologize to those of you who have emailed and asked when I would follow-up on my first post on my kitchen about the “pros” and “cons” of having white carrara marble counters in the kitchen. We have actually had them for almost a year in our {not so} new house now, so I thought it was a good time to give an assessment for those of you who are considering installing them.

The pros and cons of marble countertops in the kitchen

Before I get into what having them has been like, let me say that the countertop fabricators will scare the life out of you if you want to install them. As I was told, they will not warranty them, so you will get what you get as far as damage, stains and scratches.

Let me also mention, for those who might be wondering, we paid a minimal upgrade for these over granite. I was told they are a natural stone and despite information to the contrary are not “that much more expensive” then other stone surfaces. Every area may be different, but that was a nice suprise. We also would have preferred “honed” {as honed doesn’t show scratches as much} vs. the shinier polished look we wound up with but had to go with what was in stock.

After much thought on what to say, the best way I can put it is that I still LOVE them and there is nothing out there like them. I can’t imagine any other type of stone would give my kitchen this same look and feel.

But are they a bit of a pain?



In my next house {or my forever house} if I have the chance to have even more control over the kitchen {we had a very short time frame to build, read more HERE}, I would probably use a different material at least on the sink/island area.

I really like to cook, so my counters get a lot of use. I have three kids, and frequent guests, so something that can handle spilled grape juice, spaghetti sauce and the worst culprits of all acids like lemon juice, orange juice and lemonade in the sink area might have made more sense.

I knew what I was getting into, don’t get me wrong.

But, here is a bit of what I have learned over the last year…

Water may leave a small mark but its not really that noticeable once they are sealed.

Don’t ever, not even for a second, put a lemon martini on the counter without a coaster on New Year’s Eve, even the tiny bit of acid around the bottom will etch a lovely ring in your brand new counter.

Guests do not really care that their red wine glass will leave a mark on your counter.  I have also learned that since I don’t want my guests having to worry in my house, I am going to get stains on my counters.

Most people who come in your house will remark that your kitchen is really pretty, different, nice, etc. They may not care, or even know what marble counters are but the counters do add something “special” and still kind of unique and that’s kind of nice.

Don’t wear a belt and lean over your counter. Ever.

Unless you want a chip in your counter.

Marble has quite a bit of veining, so some of the spills and marks mix in with the natural colors in the marble and you won’t notice them. Our marble has this large white vein which I knew about before it was installed. I like it, I think it adds character.

Pay a professional to seal your counters. We did not, and its not really a fun job and not something I am looking forward to doing again. The better they are sealed, the less staining you will have.

Use sheets of glass (or something) to help protect the counters. We used some glass we had on hand to the right of our sink {the area shown above where I do most of my cooking prep} and in the desk area and they give us a “worry-free” zone.

Marble counters will get scratched, stained and marked up but they are still –in my opinion– really beautiful. After the first few scratches, stains and marks, its not such a big deal and you learn to let go.

To summarize, this is my take…if you are the kind of girl {do we have guy readers? If so, sorry} who doesn’t mind the pain of high heels and the extra time it takes to put on jewelry, these counters are for you. If you don’t like the hassle, I might suggest going a different direction.

As I remind my husband often, nobody ever said I wasn’t high-maintenance.

Like my counters! 🙂




  1. Thanks Amy…this was so informative…I have wanted to replace the island granite with the marble…so this post will surely help me to decide…..Have a great day!!

  2. Your countertops, and your kitchen overall, are so, so pretty! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on marble. Just yesterday I was at a granite warehouse with my in-laws helping them pick countertops for their new home, and also perusing the choices for my future kitchen remodel, and marble is definitely my favorite of all the choices (they said they had about 100 types of stone in stock). They are so neutral, but breathtaking and definitely the wow factor to a kitchen. But ooooh, that maintenance. I will be doing some serious thinking over that one – thank you for keeping it real!

  3. Thank you for your honesty. I am so not a high maintenance person, so I think granite is best for me. I sure don’t want to have to worry about them, as there are so many other things to worry about.

    That being said…it’s a beautiful kitchen!!!

  4. I have been dying to get marble counter tops and after reading your post, I don’t think I am going to anymore, in a good way:) I really really love the look and even more, appreciate your honesty!

  5. I have read this post and if I could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice.

  6. Another great choice is quartz. We just had this installed in our kitchen. Quartz will not stain, scratch and no sealing. Lots of colors and styles to choose from. Use to be more expensive than granite but has become so popular and the price now is about the same.

  7. I really like the marble look. It’s super elegant and causes everything else in a kitchen to shine and dazzle. It brings out the best in everything surrounding it, whether its counters, island top or even flooring, i enjoy marble. One of my top choices for my investment properties & customers..

  8. Marble Countertop says

    Although it totally depends on your tastes, your level of use, and the overall style of your home, while choosing a counter surface. I do love the black marble countertop so I’m very happy with them and paired with white cabinets and a light gray paint for the walls looks pretty good to me. I never had a complaint about stained marble countertop and I always use hot pads for placing hot pots on my countertop. I think marble is a great option if you handle the countertop with a little care. Installing Marble countertops is the right decision one can make. Thanks!!

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