The Perfect Gift– Ideas for Every Occasion

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Santa Margherita Wines. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have ever studied love languages, you’d know that one of the most popular ways women say they feel loved is through “gifts”.  Finding ways to make gift-giving special shows someone how much they mean to you. A gift basket that compiles an assortment of special items is an exceptionally nice way to brighten someone’s day, thank them for hospitality, or uplift someone with a meal. Gift ideas are limitless, but a great wine is always a good start for every occasion and is  the perfect foundation for an extra-special gift.

Today I am partnering with Santa Margherita Wines to show you some easy, all-occasion gift basket ideas. It’s not a stretch to think of bringing a bottle of wine to dinner at someone’s house as a hostess gift, but if someone is going to the trouble to make dinner (shop, prep, cook, clean and do the dishes!) making a little extra effort with the gift shows just how much the invitation means to you.


Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio just happens to be my favorite wine. My husband and I had it on our honeymoon so it holds special memories for us. It is a no-brainer that it is my go-to wine for gift-giving. It is a classically elegant Italian wine, and not only is Santa Margherita universally appealing but it also pairs well with all types of food. For this first gift idea, I started with a bottle of Santa Margherita, added a wine glass, some wine charms and some chocolates, and balanced them all on a pretty plate {from the clearance section at a home store}. I wrapped it all together with cellophane gift wrap then added a ribbon and included a printable tag–simple and easy, but much more festive then a bottle of wine by itself.  This gift is the perfect way to show your thanks for dinner or as a hostess present for a weekend visit.

This next gift idea is so fun–I call it a “Box of Happy”. If you have ever wanted to brighten someone’s day this is a great way to do it. I can think of so many occasions where this would be appreciated–to celebrate or uplift someone, such as for a promotion, a birthday, a new job, a break-up, a new neighbor, an empty nest or a thank you gift…so many opportunities to make someone “happy”!

I used a simple file box in a fun pattern and filled it first with a bottle of Santa Margherita wine, because of course wine is good for any occasion 🙂 Then I added some perfectly girly gifts to go along with it–chocolate, a fun colorful journal, some popcorn snacks, a candle, some soaps, a pretty mug, and tucked some gold tissue paper in to make it all more festive.   

The ideas to fill this box are endless and wouldn’t anyone love to receive a “Box of Happy”?

Finally, another one of my favorite gift ideas is to put together “Dinner in a Basket”. This is a perfect way to make someone’s life easier–especially if they are moving, have been traveling, have a new baby, or for so many other everyday occasions when you need to uplift a friend or family member.


The simple act of providing a dinner complete with the perfect bottle of wine, not only makes life easier but also makes someone feel special and appreciated. I tucked some festive napkins in; and adding paper plates for easy clean-up is a great idea too.



Some upscale food provisions–pasta sauce and pasta, bread, dessert then paired of course, with Santa Margherita Wines is all you need for a relaxing evening. Packaging it in a cute little crate, decorated with ribbon and filled with paper crinkles, makes this gift fun and extra special. There are all sorts of dinner ideas you can fill the basket (or in this case, crate!) with, and this makes a lovely hostess gift too. It’s always nice to make a food contribution if you are staying with someone; this will make the hostess’s life much easier.



All of these ideas are simple to pull together and since Santa Margherita is widely available, and the wine is perfect for all occasions, adding this to your gifts will make you a star 🙂 Be sure to pin these ideas to your gift-giving boards for the next time you need gift ideas!  

For more information about Santa Margherita wines, visit the  Santa Margherita Wine’s Website.

Easy Gift Ideas for all occasions, Dinner in a Basket, a Box of Happy and a weekend hostess gift all with the perfect wine. #ad


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  1. amy – wonderful ideas – add to your list of people who would love this – cancer patients who come home after treatment and need to cook.. I’m going to put some boxes ready to wrap when needed.

  2. Wonderful ideas….great gifts so beautifully put together that anyone would so enjoy and appreciate!!!

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