The Kitchen at the MCC House

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Today I thought I’d share a few of the “outtake” photos of the kitchen from my home tour last week, so you can get a better sense of the space.  It’s pretty small; we have about a fourth of the cabinets that we had in our old kitchen, but I haven’t missed any of our cooking gear yet. It’s summer, after all–who needs to cook?

This is what we eat in the summer (along with some Boursin):

 Plus, it looks pretty when you photograph it!

The kitchen has been updated with new cabinets, molding, and granite.  I’m considering painting it the same color as the living and dining areas, but haven’t gotten the motivation yet.

MCC house kitchen
You can see the gray in the dining area in this shot:

MCC House Kitchen

MCC house kitchen
 I did add a chalkboard wall  for menus or whatever else tickles our fancy.

MCC house kitchen

I felt like the area above the sink needed more light, so I used a thrifted wall sconce and it works perfectly in the small space (I think it was in the guest room in our old house; it’s funny how things move around from one house to the next).

MCC House kitchen
I realized that the photos were a bit blurry because I shot with my shutter speed set super slow (to let in extra light) and I should have used a tripod, but these at least give you an idea of the space.

 The kitchen cart was our “island” two houses ago, in Savannah, and it holds a ton of extras.  I’m thankful it’s got wheels on it since I have to roll it a bit to the left every time I open the fridge or freezer, but it’s perfect for our coffee station. With a Keurig, an espresso machine, and an electric kettle for my son’s tea, you can tell we’re pretty darned serious about our morning caffeine!

Kitchen cart MCC house

 Kitchen Sources:

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen~

Final New Christy headshot 2015

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  1. Heidi Colton says

    As usual Christy, you have outdone yourself. Your kitchen looks amazing! I think it would look wonderful in grey. Kudos to you!

  2. Your touches are everywhere and looks awesome! I can see myself living here – adorable home and you’ve made it so inviting as I knew you would!!

  3. Lovely. May I ask where you got your bread box? I have been looking for one, and the vintage ones are huge. This looks like a great size. Thank you!

    • Hey, Maureen–
      Thank you! I got mine at Tuesday Morning quite a few years ago, but the one I link to in the post is very similar and is from Amazon here:

      I’ve also seen them on Antique Farmhouse from time to time.
      Hope that helps!

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