The 2019 Holiday Planner is HERE!

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Each year we bring you what we believe is the best way to get organized for the coming chaotic, fun, and hopefully memorable holiday season–the 11 Magnolia Lane Holiday Planner!

A free holiday printable planner to help organize your holiday season

The 2019 Free Holiday Printable Planner

So yet again, I have had Christmas decorations, gift lists, party plans and all things holiday dancing through my head, and have been working to create this year’s ultimate holiday planning resource for you all.

Just enter your name and email address and click below to download our 22 page, FREE Holiday Printable Planner!

I understand some of you putting their fingers in their ears right now and saying “NO, too early!” but now is the time to at least start thinking about getting organized. Like it or not 🙂 the holidays are just a few weeks away.



A few years ago, I noticed my holiday joy was dimmed by all the overwhelming ‘to-dos’ the season brings.   I decided the next year to start early and develop a plan, my hope being I’d be able to actually relax and enjoy Christmas once it arrived.  After thinking about doing that, I knew I wanted to design a planner I could share with our readers so that if they were motivated, they could do the same.

Let’s just be honest, as fun as the holidays are, most of the holiday magic is created by “the mom” and all that stress and extra work can leave us feeling like this…







This is our fourth year creating a Holiday Planner and each year I try to make it better than the last. The very best part is that this printable version is FREE! We hope it will help you get organized, plan ahead, and have a stress free holiday making memories with your family and friends.


A free holiday printable planner to help organize your holidays

{with the traditional darker cover (more ink usage) }

This year’s planner has 22 pages of organizational glory, designed specifically so you can head into the holiday frenzy feeling calm, prepared and in control. You might actually ENJOY the holiday this year right? 🙂



You will be emailed a copy of the 2019 Holiday Planner so you can get organized right now. Simply click the button below, add your email and the file will be emailed to you immediately.  You can download the .pdf file and print it out. You may print as many sheets as needed (please don’t sell or redistribute though!), the planner is designed to work with your planning style and holiday traditions. Simply insert it into a pretty binder, or just stick on a nice clipboard to keep close at hand over the next few weeks. Two covers are included, print both or select one by setting your printer to only print certain pages.



{this year’s new low-ink usage gray cover}

The free PRINTABLE planner includes two covers, one with a low-ink-usage pale gray background and another with the darker background with the ornaments. It also starts with a table of contents so you can easily find each list you need among the numbered worksheets.






Quick tip–Be sure to remember to snap a picture with your phone of the most important lists-like groceries and GIFTS! That way you are prepared as you run around this holiday season.

I truly wish you all the most peaceful of holidays, I hope this will help all you over-functioning mamas find some time for you while still making a magical holiday for your family.





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  1. Is there a reason page 10 is upside down in the file? Thanks.

    • It has to do with the way it prints, for whatever reason that page was printing upside down. I flipped the page (so that it would print correctly, I know that seems strange) until I can figure out what glitch that is causing it.

  2. Thank you for the Planner! I really need one and this one is so pretty. And it is definitely not too early!

  3. Thank you for the holiday planner!!! The attention to detail and overall cuteness is wonderful. Hopefully this year I will be organized and happy. Thanks again

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing planner. I used it last year and am looking forward to using it again. It’s just so nice to have a framework to follow during the holidays. Many thanks, Melissa

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