The 2016 Holiday Planner is Here!

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The 2016 Holiday Planner from 11 Magnolia Lane, an 18 page planner to organize your entire holiday.

UPDATE: The 2018 Holiday Planner is NOW Available…Click HERE for more info (and the printable version is FREE!)

Friends, today is the day!  For months now I have had Christmas decorations, gift lists, party plans and all things holiday dancing through my head. Behind the scenes I have been hard at work dreaming up and creating the ultimate Holiday Planner, today it is available just for you all.   holiday-planner-t-of-c-vert   I know, we have yet to even reach Thanksgiving so I understand those of you putting their fingers in their ears right now  and saying “NO, too early!” but give me a chance to share my story. I promise we will be back with a Thanksgiving post later this week ?. If I have to be honest, the last few years I have felt my holiday joy dimmed by all the overwhelming ‘to-do’s’ the season brings.  This year I knew I was determined to start early and have a plan, that way my hope is I can actually relax and enjoy Christmas once it arrives.  After thinking about that, I knew I wanted to design a planner I could share with our readers so that if they were motivated, they could do the same.   monthly-menu-planner-holiday   I designed the 2016 Holiday Planner to help me get ahead for the holidays, avoid last-minute disasters and create a sense of calm for my family, not to mention making sure this year to actually set aside time for fun!   holiday-party-planner-worksheet   With Christmas less than 8 weeks away the 2016 Planner is now available for sale. There is both a printed version and a printable version. It is 18 pages of organization glory, designed specifically so you can head into the holiday frenzy feeling calm, prepared and in control. You might actually ENJOY the holiday this year right? 🙂   holiday-planner2016   Not ready to start the “holidays?” I understand! There will be much more to come about this over the next few weeks but in the spirit of being ON TOP of this holiday, you can go right ahead and download a FREE sample page from the planner below if you want to just get a feel for it.

Click Here for your FREE Holiday Decor Planner Worksheet
You will be emailed a copy of the Holiday Decoration Planner Page {the very same one that is in the Planner} so you can get ahead right now and get your holiday decorating under control.  It can be hard to find both the time and the budget to get new decorations once December comes around so now is a great time to get going. Enjoy the free printable!   holiday-decorations-planner If you are ready to begin to get a handle on your holiday, here is all the info about both products… The PRINTED VERSION has a VERY limited availability so if you are interested, please don’t wait to order. It has 18 pages of clean worksheets printed on a luxurious 32lb paper, with gold wire binding and a high-gloss laminated cover. It will ship to you within 5 business days so you will have the ultimate holiday organization tool at hand.   close-up-holiday-planner   The PRINTABLE VERSION has the same 18 pages {with a clean design to conserve printer ink} and will be emailed to you upon purchase. You may print as many sheets as needed; the planner is designed to work with your planning style and holiday traditions. Simply insert it into your Home Planning Binder or create a binder, or just stick on a clipboard.  The printable version includes a cover with a white background with the same floral design you see on the navy.  Both versions begin with a Table of Contents so you can easily find the list you need among the numbered worksheets.

holiday-card-list-vertical   The planning worksheets begin in November so for those of you ready to get your holiday season under control, you can get right to it.  You can click HERE for even more information about the holiday planning products including the story behind what led me to create this product.     wardrobe-planner   I truly wish you all the most peaceful of holidays, I hope this will help all you over-functioning mamas find some time for you while still making a magical holiday for your family. We’ll have more to come over the next two months including a 5 day “Getting Organized for the Holidays” series and of course, our annual Holiday Open House for tons of decor inspiration.   the-2016-holiday-planner-pin-here   Now, as promised this week will be back with more Thanksgiving content. If you are a reader that likes our posts regarding home decor, you can see our holiday home tours HERE and HERE. XO,

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  1. This is such a great idea! I always feel like the holidays sneak up on me and I’m always so unorganized.

  2. Love this idea! Any way you could also do a 2017 version? It would make a great Christmas gift!

    • Hi Bianca! That is a great idea, I don’t think I can get the 2017 version done before Christmas but I’ll keep in it mind for next year 🙂

  3. Angelia A Betscher says

    Looking forward to seeing the 2018 planner. let me know if i’m missing the link and it’s already uploaded. THanks!

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