Simply on Sunday–Today is a ‘Good Day for a Good Day’ Printable

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Welcome to Simply on Sunday.



Did you see this saying on a sign on Fixer Upper? {I love that show–It’s on HGTV if you somehow have missed all the buzz} This saying struck me as the perfect simple thought to inspire your day when Joanna hung it in one of the beautiful homes she designed.

Earlier this week while I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking about how I wanted to make a  printable of this saying to share on the blog, and I thought this very thought to myself, that this day was a “good day for a good day”.

Well, apparently that day wasn’t really designed to be a “good” day, when a routine skin cancer check at the dermatologist resulted in a shot that gave me a major allergic reaction, resulting in a little ride in an ambulance to the emergency room, with more issues that ensued from the IV there, and so on and so forth. Overall, it really was not the best day of days!

But after I sat back and thought about it, there was still so much good in the day. Things like the neighbor I don’t even know well, who blessed us with a hot dinner for my family that night. That my husband wasn’t traveling and was able to be at the hospital with me. The quick thinking of the nurses and the kindness of the doctor, so while it wasn’t the best day by far, there was still very much “good” in the day.



{Click HERE to download a 5×7″ printable}

So, while I hope this printable inspires a truly “GOOD” day for you, because we all need those. I hope it also reminds you to find the good in every day as well.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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  1. Amy, so sorry to hear about the day you had! Glad it all turned out okay in the end, and that you could still see the good in it. Love this saying as well, and will definitely print it out. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. So scary! I am glad you are OK and able to still consider it a good day. 😉 Thanks for sharing the printable…it’s SUCH a great saying! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fixer Upper…how CUTE are they together?!

    • Thank you Jess, that is kind of you 🙂 Yes, they are so adorable. I LOVE that show! They do such great work.
      Have a great day,

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