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Happy Sunday!  I’ve been a bit lazy this week; we were on spring break and so Amy did the majority of the posting (thanks, girl!).  I showed you my monogrammed toes on Monday:


Monogrammed pedicure/toes | 11 Magnolia Lane

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And then I slacked off for the rest of the week, sleeping in and enjoying Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  Our kids go to school downtown and so they take the week of St. Pat’s off since it’s tough to get around down there with all the tourists–an estimated 500,000!

We did have to go to an “official” function or two, and I was glad that I snagged the Lilly Pulitzer Beckett dress for a song during the semi-annual sale.  I knew the bright kelly green was perfect for St. Patrick’s Day events, so I wore it to the SGT William Jasper memorial service and wreath laying in Madison Square:


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(My smile is so big because it feels like he was gone forever this time, but now he’s home!)

We went to a private reception afterward at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee headquarters and that was definitely a highlight of the week!

In other big news, the hubs and I finally agreed on a new recliner for the living room.  His old one has springs falling out of the bottom of it, and I’ve been delaying because recliners are so ugly.  Form marries function in this beauty, though:


Chic and stylish recliner with nailhead trim and tufted back | 11 Magnolia Lane

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It hasn’t arrived yet, but Quarters One tells me that she has it and it’s very comfortable.  It matches the measurements of his old one, so it should “sit” the same.  I’ll let you know the details and show more pictures when it’s delivered. (Update:  it’s been ours for several years now and we LOVE it!)

I love this floral line at Target, and I might have to order the shorts (they’re already sold out in my size at both of the Savannah stores):


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On my nightstand, for the second year in a row, is A Daily Women’s Devotional from NavPress.  My dear friend Becky gave it to me and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I just started on it again this January 1st:


A Daily Women's Devotional | 11 Magnolia Lane

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And because I love all things that smell good, let me tell you that this lotion {Wish by Lollia} is THE best-smelling lotion ever.  No contest!  And the metal tube is so beautiful, too.


Lollia "Wish" Lotion | 11 Magnolia Lane

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We are wearing shorts and flip flops most days down here…so if you’re looking for a yummy spring cocktail, try this Pink Lady recipe:

Pink Lady cocktail recipe

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We found out that we’re moving again this summer; I kind of thought it was coming but really hoped it wasn’t because Savannah is where I’m meant to be !  We will be back when we’re done with the Army (or the Army is done with us–whichever happens first), but for now, we’re heading to Southern Pines or Pinehurst, NC, in a few months for the next adventure.  We’ve been there twice before but have lived in Fayetteville both times–this time we’ll live north of post.  Time to start sorting and donating before the move!

Have a beautiful Sunday, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Happy Sunday to you too! I hope you will enjoy your time in NC, even though I understand you’d prefer to stay in Savannah. It’s never easy to move, but the good thing is that you get a chance to get rid of things you don’t need any more… (I’m very good at saving everything, and I need a move every now and then to sort things out).

  2. Kathy Robinson says

    You are a beautiful couple inside and out. We are blessed! Les said send old recliner to him ha!
    Sent some monograms to family in California.
    Yes, S2avannah is the best!
    Your blossom is excellent and yes I am biased!

  3. Wow! Moving!! My husband is obsessed with Pinehurst golf!! I love North Carolina too, we lived in Chapel Hill for two years- such a pretty state.

    Loving those Target shorts…. ca-ute!!!

    Happy Sunday!!

  4. Love the features today, from that gorgeous recliner to the St. Pat’s festivities pic…Good luck on your house hunting…Love the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area…Have a great day!

  5. We are moving this summer too! But to Carlisle , PA! I am excited as I will be closer to 2 of my 3 boys. I miss seeing them on a regular basis!

  6. Wonderful features! I’m very interested in that recliner so will be anxious to see how you like it. Wish I had one of those Pink Lady drinks right now! 🙂 The photo of the two of you is stunning! I know you’re glad he’s home. I would hate to leave Savannah too but at least you know you’ll be back. You’re really a professional mover! 🙂 It will be exciting to see what you do with the next house.

    Must remember to order the monograms! Have a wonderful week ~

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