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I haven’t written a Simply on Sunday post for awhile; today I thought I’d share a brief recap on all the things going on around here.

Last weekend we went to a military ball at the Carolina Inn with some of our dearest friends.  I wore the $20 blue dress for a second time; it almost matches my husband’s mess jacket lapels (unplanned but still cool).  My daughter used to call this his “Prince Charming” uniform and I see why, with all the fancy epaulets and medals.

Amy told me that I should write a post on where I find all of my formal dresses, so that’s in the works for the very near future.  Stay tuned!

Friday night, the kids had friends over for pizza and then joined a bunch of their classmates for dancing at the local ballroom dance studio.

When I think about all the things my teenagers could be doing on a Friday night, I have to admit that I’m amazed, and thankful, that this is what they’re choosing to do with their time.

Our school has an annual cotillion (read about that here and here), and ballroom dance lessons are part of their PE curriculum.  They learn tango, swing, rhumba, cha cha, foxtrot, and the waltz.  These Friday night dances are a way for them to practice their skills in a casual setting, before the more formal cotillion in March.

In other news, our son has his first real job (parenting win!). He’s working for a local catering company, which is perfect for his school schedule, since he usually only works on Friday or Saturday nights.

Yesterday, he worked at a wedding for thirteen hours.  I love the fact that he’s learning about time management, hard work, and all those other important life lessons.  He’s walked dogs and worked as a pet sitter for years, but this is a completely different experience for him and he’s really enjoying it–especially that paycheck!

While he was working, my daughter and I drove up to Winston-Salem to see the Winston-Salem Festival Ballet perform their Fairy Tale Series.

Annabelle and the other girls wearing their “civvies” in the photo below all dance with the Festival Ballet, the High Point Ballet, and then locally here in Southern Pines/Pinehurst as part of their pre-professional ensemble.  They’re currently scheduled to dance in three different productions in 2017, in each of the North Carolina locations, so it will be another busy–but fun–dancing year!

On the decorating front, I rescued this chair from our local thrift shop for $20 and plan to get her recovered for our living room:

There’s lots of potential there, right?  And I think the bergere style is a very close match to my painted gray chair that’s currently in our bedroom:

Fabric painted chair
Last, but certainly not least, if you’re getting a little sick of people who can’t even agree to disagree, I leave you with two thoughts.  First, good old Thomas Jefferson might have said it best:

thomas jefferson quote
And then, let’s just all try to remember what “tolerance” means.  It’s not about getting along with those with whom you already agree, after all!

Enjoy your Sunday, friends, and thanks for stopping by~

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  1. You look amazing. Might need to pick you brain for dress ideas as my #2 will be attending a ball in the fall I believe. sounds like you had a wonderful mother daughter day together as well. And yeah for the new job! That’s awesome. And, what a great find. The chair will be gorgeous recovered. I think what is really disturbing recently is so many showing their true colors. Unfortunately, they feel safe doing so on social media.

  2. Can’t wait on the next post on the chair. And you look beautiful as always! Thank you for the effort you but into this.

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