Prepping for Guests and Free Printable Wi-Fi Password Sign

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As we roll into June, some of you might be getting ready to host guests for graduation ceremonies–this will be true for me next year!  Others of you are preparing for busy and fun summers and anticipating visits from family and friends.

We entertain and welcome house guests frequently; I think one of the reasons is because we’re a military family and we’re fortunate enough to have friends all over the world.  When it’s time for them to visit our (current) corner of North Carolina, they know who to call!

At this point, I tend to have my plan for entertaining down to a science.  I have a few fallback recipes that are delicious and relatively simple, and I keep the guest room stocked and ready.  {For more details on how to be a great host or hostess, visit this post}

In today’s post, I’ll share a few quick cleaning tips for prepping for party or house guests, and I’ll also share a free printable Wifi password sign, because you know that all of your guests are going to be asking for that!


I make sure that the kitchen is stocked with the essentials–lots of beer, wine, and mixers, plus sodas and seltzer.  I try to keep a wedge of espresso cheese and fig spread in the fridge at all times, along with some grapes and salted almonds.

Don’t forget the coffee!  Even if you don’t drink it yourself, your houseguests will thank you for stocking morning caffeine!  I also try to keep a variety of creamers and sweeteners on hand when I have a party (or houseguests) since folks are particular about how they mix their cup o’ joe.

Living Areas

In the living room, I like to keep a basket of books and magazines near a comfortable chair, plus extra throw blankets for cool evenings.

How to add touches of coastal and beach decor to your home | 11 Magnolia Lane
I also touch the carpet up ahead of time with Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover, and of course, if we spill anything while we’re having fun, I whip that can right back out again!

Spot Shot
I’ve actually used Spot Shot for years, especially because it works so well on older stains that have had time to set in and IT EVEN WORKS ON WINE STAINS!  Just squirt, let the foam soak in, wait five minutes, and blot with a white cloth or towel.  Repeat as needed until you’re thrilled with the results:

Not bad for a stain that has been on the carpet for heaven-only-knows how long!

I used to put our Wifi password sign in the bedroom, but lately I’ve decided it makes more sense to keep it in the living room.

If you like this printable version, you can download it {here}.  Right click and save, and print it out as a 5 x 7.  You can either write the password in using a Sharpie if you’re not technologically inclined, or use photo editing software to add the password in the blank area I left for you (we recommend PicMonkey if you’re looking for a user friendly program).

You’ll save so much time having this out for everyone to see!


Our bathrooms get a little extra TLC when we’re expecting guests–I have two teenagers, after all.  I always stock extra toothbrushes and toiletries in case our visitors forget something, and if we’re having a party, I try to leave a basket or tray with essentials in plain view.

I also drop a tablet of 2000 Flushes® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner  into the toilet tank every few months and that helps keep the bowl sparkling clean and free of 99.9% of bacteria, even when we’ve got high traffic in the bathroom.

2000 Flushes
Please note that 2000 Flushes is for toilets that are flushed at least once a week. so if you’re dropping one in and heading off on vacation for several months, that’s not a good call.  If you’re constantly using your toilet (lots of entertaining, houseguests, or teenagers), this is the product for you!  If you’re heading off on vacation, wait to drop a tablet in your toilet when you’re back home.

Last but not least, I also like to add a personal touch in the bathroom with fluffy monogrammed towels.

|  Towels  |

Enjoy all the fun that comes along with your guests!

To learn more about 2000 Flushes and Spot Shot and get lots of great cleaning tips, visit the Stain Fighting Community on Facebook.

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