Pink Cupcake Birthday Party

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I am so excited to post our first Event-tastic Party.  This party is extra special to me because it was created for my niece’s 3rd birthday by my incredibly talented sister, Tracy.  My sister is one of the most creative people I know.  She has created her own line of note cards & invitations, illustrated a kids’ music book, and is an amazing Mom.  She also put together this adorable DIY Pink Cupcake Party!!!

I am Terry’s sister, and I follow your blog. I wanted to contribute a guest posting about my daughter’s third birthday party. She wanted a pink cupcake party, so I did my best to tie it together. Here is my entry:


My daughter’s third birthday was approaching, and boy did she know it!  She would talk about the day constantly and tell me all about the pink cupcakes she would have. “Everybody else has brown, but I’m going to have pink!” she’d proudly exclaim. Not wanting to disappoint, I did my best to make a theme out of her idea. I love to plan parties and one of my favorite side gigs is to design the invitations. I designed the invitation in Illustrator and printed them on my home printer on heavy stock paper, trimmed them and off they went. I thought they turned out really cute, and did their job of setting the mood of the party: girly and sweet.

I thought a lot about what the goodie bags would be comprised of. A cupcake recipe with all of the ingredients nicely packaged? Cupcake shaped stickers and novelty items from Oriental Trading? Cookies shaped like cupcakes? Then one morning, at brunch at my neighbor’s house, I noticed all of the kids wearing various aprons that the hostess had compiled from places that offer craft time for children, like Lowe’s and Home Depot. They donned these cute, kid-sized aprons and went around taking everybody’s order for pizza. Bingo! I would get some small aprons for the goodie bags so they could pretend to be cupcake chefs. I looked for said aprons online, but they were rather expensive, plus I wanted them personalized in some way. My mother and sister both enjoy sewing, and both said they would be happy to make the aprons for me so I started looking for apron patterns. I found this one, the PERFECT one, online from Michael Miller Fabrics, its called: Classic Apron (click for .pdf pattern) and emailed it over to my mother. I loved everything about the one in the blog that I found, and even found the cupcake material. But I wanted these to be good for boys and girls so I went to Joann Fabric online ( ) and ordered this fabric and this fabric instead.

And we bought the gold D rings for the ties at Joann as well:

Home made aprons

Home made aprons

I went to Staples and purchased a packet of small spiral-bound notepads and then designed a personalized cover for the notepads which I print, trimmed and glued on with a standard glue stick.

I then went to Michael’s and purchased adhesive felt cupcakes (couldn’t find an exact match online, but something similar to This). I used two adhesives per pencil. I would have liked to have pink pencils or themed pencils instead of standard yellow ones, but ran out of time.

I purchased transparent baggies to package it all in and the goodie bags were complete.

Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags


Personalize note pads

Personalize note pads

For the party itself, I designed a pink striped banner (just print, trim and hot glue onto a sturdy ribbon) and bought the pink plates/napkins  and pink plastic bowls and platters from the local dollar store. The cupcakes were made from a box mix (and for the record, people said they were delicious) and I bought pink polka-dot cupcake cups from Michael’s. I used pink food coloring added to plain white frosting and the flowers were done using edible sparkly tube frosting, topped off with a small blue flower candy in the middle.

Simply Pink table decor

Simply Pink table decor


Overall, a successful party, a fairly simple theme and a visually appealing set-up.

Thank you Tracy! What a great party and thank you for sharing all your tips and sources.

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Thanks for stopping by~

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