Our New Home~Dining Room in Gray and White

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We’re slowly making our way through the home tour of our Savannah house.  You’ve already seen the front porch, the back porch, my daughter’s bathroom, the front entryway, and the laundry room.  That’s not bad considering it hasn’t even been two months since we moved!

On the agenda today is the dining room.  If you’ve followed for awhile, you’ll see most of the same pieces that were in our Nashville dining room.  After all, I can’t just buy new furniture every time we move!

Here’s the view from the front door:

dining room reveal
On the left is my front entryway, but it’s really one big, open room.  The one wall behind the dresser is painted Weimaraner by Sherwin-Williams; the rest of the room is white.

front hallway entry
I have an eight-foot runner that you can barely see in the bottom right of the picture.  That’s because Sunny is scared of hardwood (he falls on it a lot) and we can’t have that!  By the way, if you’ve been following his progress since we adopted him last Christmas, he’s doing great.  He’s completely recovered from his knee surgery and is down to about 100 pounds.  His arthritis bothers him, but the more weight he loses, the better he seems to feel.  His dandruff (yes, dandruff–he was a train wreck!) has completely cleared up since we started spending the big bucks on fancy dog food.

Sunny golden retriever

Back to the dining room…you might remember that my table and chairs were so damaged by the movers that I painted them with chalk paint last spring.  The post on that is here.  I also recovered the chairs with canvas painter’s dropcloths and used the Citrasolv fabric transfer technique to put the “B” monograms on the back.

The chalkboards used to be floral prints in gold frames–I painted the frames white and sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint.

painted dining table and chairs

The buffet is still unpainted, although I am tempted.  The gray chevron shelf paper on the doors is removable when the chevron craze ends.

The moss-covered sphere is one that I made using Amy’s tutorial here.

DIY moss sphere in urn

The vintage decanters on the silver tray hold some of our liquor.  Most were my grandmother’s, although a few are from thrift stores or flea markets.  I love decorating them with old photos, silver liquor labels, and most recently, an old key.

vintage decanters for liquor

The open shelving was something I installed in our old house as part of an effort to make our dining room more casual–and hopefully, a room we’d use more often.  I used Amy’s trick of using a stair tread with corbels from off the shelf at Home Depot {here}.

Open shelving in dining room

I always have fun styling the shelves.  I tried to incorporate some beachy elements since we’re on the coast.

starfish in chicken wire basket

seashell balls in apothecary jar

The vintage stool got a coat of metallic silver spray paint at our last house.  We pull it up to the table when little people come to visit.

vintage silver stool

My mom’s piano was damaged in the move–to the tune of $2200 in repairs!  Sadly, it was the only thing that was really damaged this time.  Why couldn’t it have been one of my cheap pieces–the house is full of those?  Anyway, it’s fixed now.

piano with gray chevron seat

The girls on the left are my thrift store statues; I painted them both white.

thrift store statues painted white

I changed out the light fixture–it was BAD–and put Ballard’s Cosette chandelier in its place.  I love it!

By the way, I ordered the “rust” finish–the other choice was black.  I also put burlap around the cord and chain.  My new trick is to not cut the wire or shorten the chain of my chandeliers; instead I disguise the extra with a cord cover.  This insures that when we move to the next house, I won’t have to rewire a chandelier to lengthen a too-short cord.

monogrammed chairs Cosette chandelier

My mom’s secretary is between the two windows–again, another piece that I’m tempted to paint one of these days.

window treatments secretary

I put more of the chevron shelf paper on the back of the shelves to lighten things up:

shelf paper styling

Here’s a closeup of the window treatments (well, the best I can do with the windows):

Target window treatments

They’re from Target.  Here’s the link, if you’re interested.

Here are a few more shots…

close up open shelving

dining room chandelier Cosette Ballard

The doorway on the right is my laundry room–you can see it right from the front door, so I either have it clean or I keep the door shut!  I added the brackets–they’re from Hobby Lobby.


dining room to kitchen


Love pillow hall

chandelier dining room

There’s one last corner of this room that I’m not happy with…to the right of the piano.  Right now there’s a little bar/wine storage piece in that corner, but I have plans for it to get a paint job.  I also scored this chair at the thrift store this morning, and I’m going to paint the fabric (yes, paint the fabric) gray, and the wood trim white and pop it in that corner.  I’ll update you when I’m done!

thrift store chair

Update:  I painted this chair dark grey with white wood trim, and it is gorgeous!  Click  {here} to read the tutorial.

painted chair with silhouettes

I’m hoping I’ll be able to show you the powder room or the master bedroom next week.  The nice people at HomeRight sent me a fabulous thing called a PaintStick, and it’s made painting so fast that I’m zipping through the rooms!

Thanks for stopping by~



  1. Luv dining room! So pretty, soft and cozy.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. I have been tempted to paint my new loveseat. It’s so vintage and beautiful, I’ll just die if I mess it up! I hope you’ll do a tutorial on your chair painting process! LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL DINING ROOM!

  3. Looks awesome. You are ambitious and getting so much done in such a short time!

  4. Your dining room is gorgeous, of course I had no doubt it would be 😉
    I am thinking I have the twin of your piano over at my house… a recent gift from my Dad that I just posted about…

  5. Love the curtains so thanks for sharing the link! Your place looks lovely & you’ve given me tons of ideas and helpful tips. Thanks so very much!!!

  6. kerrie little says

    Hi There! I know I am so late to this party! But I just discovered you this morning and been completely ignoring my breakfast dishes because I can’t pull myself away from your blog!! I was actually wondering about the chevron paper you used for the doors…. Is it wrapping paper, wall paper & where did you find? Thanks so much!

    • Kerrie–Sorry about the breakfast dishes 🙂 but glad you’re enjoying the blog. The chevron paper is shelf paper, and it’s by Macbeth. I bought it at TJ Maxx; they still carry that brand from time to time. You could use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper with a light spray adhesive on the back for a similar look. Hope that helps!

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