Our New Home–Front Porch with Pink & Polka Dots

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Covered front porch decorated with black, white, and pink

I promised last week, when I showed you the back porch of our new house, that I’d show you the front porch soon.  Well, today’s the day!  We are so fortunate to have another covered front porch–it definitely makes me more inclined to sit outside and watch the kids as they ride their bikes.  I will confess, though, that Savannah’s pretty hot in the summer and there hasn’t been much bike-riding going on yet!

Our new house is a pale yellow with white trim.  Here’s a wide shot:

Covered front porch decorated with black, white, and pink

I decided that a few pops of pink would dress up my black and white polka dot cushions.   Pink vinca plants helped achieve that goal, and they can stand up to the late-day sun that our western exposure porch gives them.  Apparently my black seat cushions can’t, though, since they’re getting pretty faded.  I’ll have to replace them next year.

Front porch with pink, black, and white accents

The candle chandelier has matching candles and so far they’re doing okay.  My first set of candles (they were red) melted!

Front porch with black, white, and pink

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ll recognize most of my furniture and decor accents, because who can buy brand new stuff every time they move?!  I tried to change things up a bit, though.

My ferns are huge and love Savannah’s weather.  We took a quick trip down here at the end of June for my husband’s change of command ceremony (an Army thing) and I loaded those babies in the car and brought them down to my friend, Laurie, who took good care of them until we moved down here.  That girl has a super green thumb!

It worked out so well that my Citrasolv house number pillows (read the tutorial HERE) could move from one house to the next–our old house number was 7172 and our new one is 27 so I didn’t have to make new ones.  Score!

Front porch with black, white, and pink

The metal piece was on the screened porch in our Nashville house.


The vintage window and grapevine wreath are usually somewhere on my porch.

Porch with pink, black, and white

Under the window, right next to the door, is a chippy, rusted old piece of metal I bought at a yard sale for $3.  I am trying to train my children to put their shoes on it, but it seems to be a losing battle.  Those are MY flip flops…

Porch with pink, black, and white

I’m probably going to add black vinyl at the bottom of the screen door, maybe saying “Welcome.”  Since our house number is already posted to the right of the door (remember, this is military housing), putting a cute “No. 27” on the door seems a bit redundant.  Any suggestions?


  • Black wicker chairs, metal shoe grate, candle chandelier, and vintage window–yard sales and flea markets
  • Black glider–Wal-Mart
  • Black seat cushions, doormat, and black urns for ferns–Target
  • Metal decor on wall, plant stand, grapevine wreath and pink candles–Hobby Lobby
  • Black lantern, and pink vinca–Lowe’s
  • Ferns and black & white paisley pillows–Home Depot
  • Polka dot glider cushion and throw pillows–Pillows, Pet Beds & More on Ebay

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Really pretty, love the polka dot pillows. Beautiful home too, thanks for the Ebay imfo I’ve added them to my favorites for next year!

  2. It looks great! I need to spruce my front porch up. My white rockers need to be painted desperately! You’ve inspired me to get working on it.

  3. Gorgeous! We have western exposure as well, so I might try the vinca.

    Our front porch is actually rather similar! How did you manage to to hang the metal decor & window?? I’m guessing that y’all aren’t allowed to permanently hang stuff either, although I’m not sure who does the housing there, as ours is privatized.

    • Ours is privatized, too, but there were already a few nails in place from the previous tenants. I used what I could (the metal piece went on an existing nail) and put in a few of my own. You have to be able to live in the house, after all!

  4. That’s military housing? Your husband must be a general! 😉 I grew up in the Air Force, and the housing didn’t look like that back then.

    • Too funny, Kim! I think he’d be a great general one day, but his spitfire of a wife might be holding him back. 🙂

      There’s plenty of the old housing still left, trust me! I’d say it’s been over the past ten years or so that they’ve been tearing down the WW2 era houses and replacing them with new ones. Long overdue, in my opinion, although we still have friends living in cinder-block castles! Are those the ones you remember?!

      • Katie Jones says

        We just moved to (privatized) Ft. Drum housing from stairwell living in Baumholder, Germany. Our former housing was MUCH older than our current. I’m just so pleased not to be in a stairwell with 5 other (possible) occupants!

  5. the pop of pink candles is just too cute. Your entry is so inviting makes we want to come in and say hi!

  6. Cindy Riley says

    Everything looks beautiful…even the faded seat cushions! The gray color actually helps the pillows ‘pop’!

  7. So excited to see you settling in your new home. We are building in Murfreesboro so I am excited. We sold our house and close September 6. Hope you are well! The tadpole has survived thus far.

    • That’s great news, Adriana! Please keep me posted about how the new house works out for you guys. I’ll let AB know about the tadpole (she’ll be glad to hear that!). Is he a frog now? 🙂

  8. Just discovered your blog through a friend’s pinterest post. What about instead of “welcome” on the door bottom if you cut a vinyl design similar to the ironworks piece hanging between the window? I definitely like the idea of splash of black on the white door. Maybe pop a piece of pink with your name monogrammed letters in the center of the design with it too!

    • Cute idea, Patsy! In the end, I took the easy way out and put a scrolly cursive “Welcome” on there. I posted it on our Facebook page today if you’d like to see a picture. Glad you stopped by!

  9. did you take the glass out of your window frames before you hang them?

  10. Hi. I’m getting ready to order one of your Welcome stick ons & I went to your front porch blog to see what it looked like. Before I knew it, I was reading about your back porch & fell in love with the sheer curtains. What a great idea.
    I think I might try using them in my house. I have several windows with blinds in them & I get tired of looking at them. Since I can’t afford new coverings, I can pull the blinds all the way up & put up the sheers. And I can still have the privacy of my blinds when I need them. Really enjoying your blog, glad I found it.

    • So glad you’re enjoying the blog! I have your Etsy order and will get it shipped out to you today. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  11. Beautiful! Black wicker always pops! Just wondering if you’d cosidered replacing your cedar mulch with black mulch??

  12. Tracy B. says

    Wow! Base housing has changed a LOT since we were active duty. Great job making it pretty, but temporary!

    • Thanks, Tracy! Yes, over the past 10 years or so, they’ve finally been pulling down the WW2 houses and replacing them. Housing is also run by private companies now instead of the government…I’m not sure how I feel about that, but since we’re moving off post this summer I guess I don’t have to care anymore. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

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