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Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky!

Well, guys, I’m the anchorman (anchorwoman?) for Operation: Organization, which is a little intimidating. I’m sharing my closet, which is funny since we’ve had so many great closets in this series (Shand’s, Abby’sMelissa’s, and Becky’s), and mine is definitely not in competition with their gorgeous spaces.  A big thank you to all of our participating bloggers for sharing their time and talents with us all!


I’m thrilled with how neat and organized this closet is, to be sure, but just know that it’s still not done because of a last-minute issue with lighting (I was planning to put a chandelier in here but changed my mind because it just didn’t look right).

Also, I decided not to “stage” this space at all, so my real clothes are hanging out in here with all of their colorful happiness on display.

Have you ever noticed how in staged closets, there are usually only ten items of clothing, total, and they’re all white and black or something similar?  I love that look, and I promise you that I have given away about five big trash bags of clothes since the New Year, but I still have too many things for that to work, plus that’s not real life.

I started with a great closet; there are two in the master so this space is just for me.  And there was already a custom closet unit in place and my nemesis–the hated white wire–was nowhere in sight.  No complaints here!

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

There are shelves and clothes rods on three walls, and the shelving is adjustable.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

Since I’ve painted the rest of the bedroom, I wanted the closets to match.

Master bedroom painted with HomeRight PaintStick EZTwist | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Paint color:  Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray  |

You can read about the master bedroom here, here, and here. Closets are a pain to paint, we can all agree on that.  The reason is basically this:

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

Even if it was neat in the closet, it looks like a hot mess when you pull it all out, and it always gets worse before it gets better, doesn’t it?

The taping took longer than the painting, since that closet system wasn’t coming out for me to paint.  But it still only took a few hours, and what a difference it made!

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

It really was fun to move everything back in with those beautifully unmarked walls.  Closets always get so scuffed, don’t they?

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’ve used the same system to organize my shoes for at least seven or eight years, plastic shoe bins with chalkboard labels.  The boxes are only about $1 each and I try to have a strict one-in, one-out policy so things don’t get too overwhelming in there.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Plastic shoe boxes  |  Chalkboard labels  |

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

Also, I will admit that I keep my running shoes and flip flops on the shelves. I might have a boot addiction (don’t judge), too.  Remember, we did live in Nashville for several years; cowboy boots are kind of mandatory there!

Also, I will admit that I keep my running shoes and flip flops on the shelves.

During the summer, the really nice ones go into their dust covers and back in the original boxes.  Right now, those dust covers are rolled up and stashed into the boots to give them shape while they’re on the shelf.

Jeans, sweaters, and the aforementioned running shoes and flip flops live on the shelves.

Also, I will admit that I keep my running shoes and flip flops on the shelves.

My purses are stuffed with tissue so they keep their shape in between wearings. I used to put my scarves in there, but then I could never find them when I needed them.  Now they hang on hooks on the back of the closet door.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

Clutches, wristlets, wallets, and evening bags live in this little basket:

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

(I need those darling plexiglass clutch holders that Melissa made for her closet, don’t I?)

I really do have a lot of evening bags–there are a lot of sequins in that basket!!–but five of them were my mom’s and thus very precious to me, and of course we do attend a ton of military formals, so they all get quite a bit of use.

By the way, my long gowns and coats aren’t in this closet, but pretty much everything else is.  I do have one chest of drawers for lingerie, pjs, and jewelry, but I really have been getting rid of stuff.  Madame Chic and Marie Kondo have both taught me that I should only keep what I absolutely love.

If you have room in your closet, a valet rod is so helpful for hanging up the day’s outfit.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

I was lucky enough to get to try out the same closet spacers by Xangar that we’re giving away at the bottom of this post, and the verdict is definitely two thumbs up.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

They are made of featherlight foam (mine are silver) and they’re compatible with any kind of closet rod, even my rectangular ones.  They ensure that your clothes are evenly spaced and not smooshed together in your closet.  They come in a mesh carrying bag and they are very nice quality.

I’ve used these slim black velvet hangers for years and love them, but they’re perfect coupled with the spacers.  Now everything is so tidy and I can see my clothes!

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’m not sure if this was an intended function of the Xangars, but I felt like they did prompt me to clear out a few more things.  I simply couldn’t fit as many items on the rod as I used to be able to, and so I evaluated all of my clothing with a more critical eye than usual.

I used one pack of fifty, but in a closet this size, I’d recommend you start with two packs of fifty because I need another set to be completely finished! (Enter the giveaway below to win your own set of 50, or shop them here)

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

The last thing I did was add a little artwork to the walls–why not?

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Shoe print | Monogram | Frames: thrifted  |

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

| Download Coco Chanel quote here |

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I had plans to hang a chandelier in here (Shand’s inspired me), and I spray painted an IKEA Kristaller chandelier gold just for this project:


But since I have the swagged chandelier just outside of the closet door, it was redundant to have another one just inside.

Organized closet | 11 Magnolia Lane

So, now I’ve got my eye on a cute flush mount light fixture:


|  Source  |

You’ll be the first to know when I hang it up!

Now, for the giveaway:

Xangar logoXangar is giving away a 50-pack of their clothes hanger spacers to one lucky reader (a $79.99 value!) so that you can tackle your closet and make it simply beautiful and organized. {Shop for them now here}


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Have a beautifully organized day, and thanks for stopping by–

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  1. Saundra McKenzie says

    My fave organizing tip is the clear labeled shoe boxes. Great idea!

  2. I like that you added artwork so that it’s pretty and inspirational, and not just functional.

  3. Looks fantastic Christy. I too use clear labeled shoe boxes to keep things neat and tidy. I need to work on our closet. We still have wire shelving, and have used a couple dressers but it still isn’t functioning well. Were the units installed by a company? Some are so pricey, the main reason we haven’t switched over to solid shelving.

    • I think they were professionally installed; every closet in this house has solid-surface shelving and it was here when we moved in–SCORE! I absolutely love it. White wire makes me sad, even though pretty much every other house we’ve lived in has had it. You can DIY them with IKEA items pretty easily, though.

  4. Love those shoe boxes and the addition of art. Those frames are so dang perfect in that space!

  5. Your closest is fabulous! Love the shoe boxes (one of those – I should have thought of that – moments). LOL Really like the Xanger Hanger spacers too, keeps the cloths from becoming too cluttered. Thank you for sharing your closest reorganization.

  6. Love your closet and this whole series. I like that you showed it “fully stocked”. It still looked great and showing how you really live with the project is much more helpful:)

  7. Donna Wisdom says

    I ordered one of your calendars and I love it!

  8. Looks great! I love the spot for your boots.

  9. ScrappyMama says

    I love how your closet project turned out! My fav tip I’m taking away from it is to get me some of those clear shoe boxes…STAT!! Oh, & boy oh boy, do I love, love, LOVE your cowboy boots & I have a serious case of boot envy goin’ on! I’ve got a few pairs, but we’re moving to Nashville this year & they’re not only mandatory…I’m pretty sure you can never have too many! Would LOVE to win those awesome Xangar closet spacers to help me get started in the right direction in my new Nashville closet…Thanks for the chance!

    • You definitely can never have too many cowboy boots! Pro tip for boot shopping in Nashville: if you wind up downtown on 2nd Ave/Broadway, there are dozens of boot shops, but be sure to ask for the discount for locals because they mark them up like crazy for the tourists.

      We lived there for several years and loved it–enjoy!

  10. I just saw the chanel art print in homegoods. Love the closet. Mine is a mess. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I love how your closet turned out! Painting makes a big difference. I too use the clear shoe boxes. I do need one of those baskets (or two!) To put my clutches in. I would also love those hangers.

  12. Wow!!! So well done!!! Love love it – the entire space!


  13. Ashleigh hall says

    Beautiful job!! It looks so wonderful! 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I love the idea about a valet rod.

  15. I love every inch of this closet!! You did such a good job making it yours. I love the time you took to label each shoe box and the valet rod is PERFECT for picking out just the right outfit. Great job! Will be sharing.

  16. Everything looks so organized and beautiful! It would be simply incredible to have shelving, etc. My closet is so, so small ~ drives me crazy! I do have to say that I need to declutter once again. I’ve still kept some things “just in case” and that occasion hasn’t happened. 🙂

    Love the boots! You can’t have too many in Texas either! Love the Xangar spacers and the valet rod. Great idea! You’re more than welcome to come and re-do my closet anytime ~ 🙂


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