Master Bathroom Reveal–Finally!

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bathroom counter built-ins

master bathroom chandelier

I kicked it into gear right around Christmas and got to work on the master bathroom–because of course I didn’t have anything better to do but paint (ie bake, wrap presents, decorate the house, write Christmas cards…).  I just couldn’t live with the green another minute, though!  I have since painted the master bedroom and sitting area the same color, but they’re still being decorated and aren’t ready for public consumption yet.  In the meantime, welcome to our new and improved master bathroom!

I actually took the above picture while standing in the bathtub.  As is true of most bathrooms, it’s laid out in a way that makes one panoramic shot virtually impossible.  I tried to get some good angles to show you what we’ve done.

The below shot is taken from the hallway where you enter the bathroom.  The WC is off to the left in a separate room, but I figured you really didn’t need to see that, and the shower stall and soaking tub are to the right.  The double vanity is to the left, obviously.

bathroom counter

I decided not to paint the cabinets, which is odd for me since I love white cabinets.  However, my paint color (Pebble Beach by Benjamin Moore) is a very light blue-gray, and it goes really well with the brown cabinets.  I also opted to keep the existing lighting fixtures, which are an antiqued bronze/gold color, and found this chandelier on Craigslist to keep the theme going:

bathroom chandelier

Just a note on chandeliers–I personally think they add a ton to a home’s resale value, but they’re pretty expensive when you buy them new (even at Lowe’s and Home Depot!).  I comb Craigslist on a regular basis and have found some real steals.  From my screened porch chandelier that I spent $20 on (here) and spray painted white, to the Ballard Designs Grande Claire that I found for my dining room and paid $100 for, to this beauty (from the same guy I bought the Grande Claire from), you can really make your home more beautiful, even if you’re on a budget.  While I hang my own chandeliers, I know that some of you  might not be comfortable working with electricity.  It’s actually pretty simple once you know what to do.  I would recommend that you hire an electrician to change your first light fixture for you, and make sure that he explains each step to you.  Take pictures if you need to!  There are also great online tutorials.  I am at the point now where I can rewire the chandelier to fix non-functioning arms, and also lengthen the electrical cord and chain when I need more length than the previous owner did.  In this case, the chandelier was way too big to hang in the exact place where my flush-mounted light was, because the door to the WC would have bumped into it.  Instead of moving the box, which is a pain and probably something I’m not qualified to do :), I just lengthened the cord and chain and swagged the chandelier over to the bathtub.  I’m sure it would make for a nice, luxurious soak with a chandy overhead, but of course I haven’t done that yet!

Large chandeliers look better with a ceiling medallion in place, and this one came along with the light fixture.  I painted it Pebble Beach and screwed it in place, although some of them are light enough that the canopy of the chandelier holds them up.

ceiling medallion painted pale blue gray

While we didn’t do much more than paint and add the chandelier in here to change things around, our one major project was to add shelves on the wall behind the sinks.  We used an Ikea Billy bookcase as our starting point, and just added trim and molding to make it look like a built in.  Kate at Centsational Girl has a great tutorial on how to do it here.  We had to modify things a bit, because there’s a heating register under our Billy, but we took it slow and just figured it out as we went.  Thank goodness for spackle and caulk!  What was wasted space is now much more functional, and beautiful.

built in shelves in bathroom

closeup bathroom built-in shelves

bathroom built in shelves

bathroom silver and crystal

My one remaining goal for this room is to pull down the huge mirror that the builder put in and instead install two separate mirrors over each sink, but there are other things in the house that are going to have to happen first.  I can live with it in the meantime.  I’m also considering changing out the cabinet and drawer knobs for crystal ones, but I’ll wait until I find just the right ones.

I had fun styling the room.  Most of it is either flea market, thrift store, or just old stuff that was my mom’s.  I added a shelf over the bathtub to display some of my old glass bottles and some bath accessories.

bathroom shelves over tub

bathroom chandelier shelf

The B monogram in the silver frame is actually vinyl, applied directly to the wall, with the empty frame hung over it.  I borrowed that great idea from my very creative friend, Andrea.

vinyl monogram bathroom

I love my old gravy boat that’s losing its silverplate.  I found it at a thrift store and put it to work holding bath salts.

gravy boat holds bath salts

Here are a few other shots showing you how I decorated (always the best part):

bathroom counter silver crystal

Coco chanel quote classy fabulous

seagrass basket holding towels

Thanks for stopping by!

Old photos:
master bathroom redo chandelier






  1. So pretty! great idea of the gravy boat!

  2. so pretty! great idea with the gravy boat!

  3. michelle at says

    Beuatiful! I love all of the silver and of course, the chandelier. I am dying to learn how to change light fixtures and you’ve inspired me to look into it again…any specific tutorial online you would recommend?

  4. Beautiful, transformation! Great job, Christy!

  5. Christy, this is really a nice change. I love the paint color and best of all I adore the chandy.

    • Thanks, Terry. My husband adores the fact that the chandy is now hung up, since it sat in our master sitting room for about three months before I got it rewired and hung up!!

  6. LOVE the re-do! Is it strange that my FAVORITE part was the gravy boat? I’m going to take the one in my mom’s hutch the next time I’m there… she’ll never miss it!

    • I’m with you on the gravy boat; it’s one of my favorite parts, too! The other touch that I love (although I didn’t even mention it in the post) is the rhinestone necklace that I wrapped around the top of the white soap/lotion dispenser. The necklace was my mom’s, and it’s broken, but this was a good way to give it a new life.

  7. Love it! I agree with the chandeliers, they really make a space! You’ve really done a gorgeous job here!

  8. Beautiful!!!! Love the tray of goodies on the counter!

  9. Your bathroom is very pretty and has such pretty accessories. I love the dark cabinets with the white shelf, it looks very rich.

  10. love your bathroom makeover. I also love your blog. I just found you the other day and look to visit. If you get a chance stop bye to see me as I think we have similar tastes and styles.

  11. It looks amazing!!! I am droooooling!!!!!

  12. Very pretty, Christy! I seems like I have a similar lay-out in our master bathroom. I am going to have to leave the builder mirror that stretches across the double sinks and vanity in the middle as we have no window in here and it really helps reflect the light. I may just frame them out if I can find an affordable option. Love your chandelier and all your pretties on your vanity top.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Sounds like I’d leave the mirror if I was you, too. Light is just too important in a bathroom to do anything to darken it up. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. What a pretty space! You have done a great job styling it and I love the paint color!

  14. Simply Gorgeous!!

    janet xox

  15. Your bathroom is beautiful. I like the fact that you didn’t paint the cabinets, nice contrast. Love the bookcase/built in and especially the creative use of the gravy boat for bath salts. Thank you for sharing.

  16. The bathroom is gorgeous, fabulous job!
    Thanks for linking up!
    ps it will be featured next Tuesday!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Mary Alice

  18. This is stunning. I love what you’ve done.

  19. This bathroom is both ‘fabulous and classy’! What an amazing space- I need more chandeliers in my life! Visiting from Cowgirl Up. Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  20. Lovely bathroom and lovely blog! Looking forward to following! Thanks for linking up at Cowgirl Up! Hope to see you next week!

  21. I LOVE that chandelier in the bathroom. When I have a house one day, I will be doing this. And the “built in” shelves are amazing. Good job!! Saw you on the Cowgirl Up link party, and am your newest follower.

  22. BEAUTIFUL and that chandy is GORGEOUS!! Stopped over from Cowgirl Up party and just became a follower. Would love if you followed back.

  23. Loving what you have done! Looks fantastic! Love all the little elements you have brought in to the space. Your blog is great, enjoyed reading!

  24. My fav is the open shelves in the bathroom. I love the look that creates in yours.


  25. Gorgeous! I love the color and your shelving is fantastic! I love your chandelier over your tub! I’m following on Linky Follower and GFC. I look forward to more creative posts!

  26. It looks beautiful !! I love all of your vignettes, the wall color, the Billy bookcase (BIG fan of IKEA) and the framed monogram is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  27. what a light and bright space! i love all those shelves for storage-we didn’t even have a closet in our bathroom!

  28. So beautiful!

  29. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!!

    @ Creatively Living

  30. Featured this tonight!

    @ Creatively Living

  31. Wow! That space is beautiful. The chandy and medallion are my favorite part. Congrats on the feature at MUSOS. So happy to be your newest followers.

  32. What a lovely bathroom…..I don’t think I would ever leave :0)

    Visiting from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia, your newest (linky) follower and would be thrilled if you would follow back.

    Again lovely bathroom.

  33. The bathroom looks fabulous. I liked you on FB.

  34. your bathroom is beautiful. I have just finished painting mine gray so this is very timely for me…lots of inspiration in your new bath for me…..lovely blog..

  35. You’ve done a lovely job and I have this linked to my bathrooms post as well today!

  36. What a great bathroom and I love the idea of using old silver pieces especially the repurpose of the beautiful gravy-boat !!

    • I’m so glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by!

      • I love your ideas for old silver trays. I am the early 60’s bride who received a boatload of trays, pitchers, gravy boats and object d’arts in silver plate. Then I inherited my Mom’s boatload. Now, after spraying for clothes moths and being forced to clean out tons of old linens (help me!!!) I have ended up with all this old silver. My good silver is still important to me, but didn’t know what the heck to do with all these trays, veggie dishes, etc. until I found you. You are adorable. Love your bathroom and your darling ideas for using old silver. I am a little afraid to hang some of the really heavy trays. Does command tape hold even heavy silver trays?

        • Joan–

          Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I am a bit envious of all of your silver! I love mine and I don’t mind polishing it. We try to use the good silver at dinner most nights; my mother and I have the same pattern so when she died I inherited hers. It’s a nice way to remember her!

          I’m not sure if the command tape will hold the really heavy trays; the ones I’ve put up are quite light. Maybe if you used two or three tapes and the larger sizes, but maybe the heavy ones could go on a small easel on a tabletop and you could hang the lighter ones?

          Thanks for writing!

  37. Connie Sproch says

    Beautiful room!
    I especially like learning how you hang your silver platters! So much easier than the metal things sold for that purpose! I also love the frame with the Coco Chanel quote.

    • Thanks so much, Connie We’ve moved away from this house, although we still own it as a rental property. I really loved this bathroom and miss it!

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