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Happy day after Easter friends! We didn’t post yesterday because we were enjoying time with family and friends and celebrating Easter but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

I thought I’d just give a general life update in today’s post—there has been quite a bit going on in my life recently, and I have been thinking about some new blog content ideas so I wanted to talk a little about what is coming up here too.

We are just back from our much-needed spring break trip to Florida, though I won’t bore you with the play by play of our trip because really, when you don’t have the option to travel for spring break I know you really don’t want to hear all about someone else’s trip! Suffice to say it was some much-needed family time, as well as much-needed downtime and we enjoyed it to the fullest. Thank you Jesus, for the beautiful weather you sent north Florida last week 🙂 .


I will share with you all that in the days leading up to our trip, I was hit with the flu. Holy moly was I sick! I know others of you also got it this year, so you can relate to how vicious it was (I had the A version, which was the worst of the two strains this year, lucky me). I do think it’s extra challenging for me when I get ill, not only do I typically avoid medication because I have some sensitivities, but my system is already stressed thanks to my chronic Lyme disease.  I was so sick in the days leading up to our trip, it was really touch and go up until the last minute if we would be able to make it down to Florida, but in the end, I think my husband realized some warm weather and Vitamin D would be the best thing for all of us. We just kind of threw some things in a suitcase and headed down I-95, and now a week later (we are home now) I am feeling much more like myself, still coughing but definitely on the mend.


Jacket  |  Pants  |  Bag  |  Earrings | Shirt [details below]

Here is a rare Justin sighting, my husband prides himself on his zero presence on social media but we so rarely get our picture taken together these days I thought it would be fun to share. This was taken at the European Village in Palm Coast, Florida which was near where we stayed last week. It was a really fun place to spend the evening, the complex is sort of a mock small village with all sorts of little shops and restaurants. A fun note about my shirt which reads “Low Bar Lifestyle”…if you follow the girls from The Home Edit on IG (if you don’t you should, they are hilarious and rock star home organizers–literally–they organize for all sorts of celebrities), anyway they came out with some shirts with some of their funny slogans so I grabbed this one. It makes me smile 🙂 It was a toss up between this one and ‘Caffeine until Cocktails’ which would also be entirely appropriate for me, the shirts are available HERE.

While we were gone they made some progress on our house, it was exciting to come home and see what work had been done. The foundation is in and this week the framing will begin so I expect it will really start looking like a house here soon.

I have a really fun furniture collaboration coming up later this week with; the new furniture will go in our upstairs loft area in our new house (which will be sort of a tween girls hang out space), but I already staged it in our current rental home so I’ll show you that soon…here is a sneak peak below!


Here is a random heads up that I noticed that our Dining Room rug is on sale HERE, this rug comes and goes from flash sale sites and while it’s regularly available from HERE, it is more expensive so I always hate linking to one that cost more than what I paid.  I will say this is a different brand, but it looks identical to mine and it is less than $300 for a 7×9 rug, which is a great deal. This rug is very low profile so it would work well even over carpeting.


I thought I would also share some things I hope to be blogging about over the next few weeks…My bout with the flu made me get serious taking some healthy steps this spring. I’d planned on making some dietary changes in April and May anyway (because I just can’t give up carbs when it’s cold!) but now I have extra incentive to get back on track. Last year I did six weeks of the AutoImmune Protocal to try to improve my energy levels etc.  If you aren’t familiar the AIP diet is like Whole 30 but you can eat even less, it helps your immune system ‘reset’ so to speak, and I can tell you that hard as it was, it made me feel amazing. This diet is great for anyone who suffers an autoimmune, thyroid issues, Lyme, arthritis, fibromyalgia etc. I highly recommend reading this book HERE if you have (or suspect) you have any of those issues. I wanted to share that I think this is my plan so that even if you just suspect you have something health-related going on, you can follow along with me over the next few weeks. If you are healthy and just want to drop a few pounds before bathing suit season then you can follow along with me for fun too 🙂 I’m hoping to have a Lyme update post up soon and I will share meal plans, recipes and the supplements I am taking regularly.

Before I got sick, I discovered How Jen Does It on You Tube. I literally binge watched her videos and was so inspired to get organized with my cleaning and my meal planning. I finally bought a cordless vacuum after seeing how she used hers and I must say, it’s a game changer. It is so light and so easy to quickly clean without dragging a cord around.  I have shared my Sunday Routine HERE, but plan to try to also implement some of her zone cleaning and other ideas over the next few months so I’ll share more about that soon too.

Creating an organized routine on Sunday to plan ahead for a smooth week

That’s all the latest news here…my daughter is on spring break this week, lucky girl got an extra week off so we have some fun projects to work on. We are going to try to DIY some prayer beads you see being used as decoration everywhere, wish us luck!




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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. The flu has been no joke this year. Can’t wait to follow along on your health updates. As you know, we deal with autoimmune issues and food sensitivities daily. And now, my husband has been diagnose with Melanoma. Been a rough couple of weeks. Looking forward to fresh air and clean food. And how exciting seeing the house get started. Oh, and I too have been binge watching How Jen Does it! We recently bought a Dyson cordless, game changer! Especially with Henley. Vacuuming is a daily thing.

  2. ALI TAYLOR says

    I am fairly new to you blog & just wanted to say, thanks for keeping it real! Love your blog so far! Glad you’re feeling better, the flu has been terrible here in AZ this year too!


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