Hot Pink, Aqua Blue, & Light Green (Oh, My!) –My Daughter’s Room Reveal

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Aqua and pink girls bedroom

I’ve done three previous posts on my nine-year-old daughter’s bedroom, as we updated her decor to reflect her ever-changing style (I’ll link them below).  Today–finally–is the room reveal.  We didn’t change that much, but it took weeks to get her room clean enough to photograph!  I know lots of you can relate!

This was a small update.  When we moved into our new house last summer, I painted the walls Ionic Sky by Behr at my daughter’s request, and accented the aqua blue with white and pale celery green.  While soothing, it lacked the punch that her vibrant personality requires, so we decided to add pops of watermelon pink to kick the color combination up a notch.

First, I spray painted the old iron headboard (it was mine as a kid) with watermelon pink Krylon spray paint.  You can read about that HERE.  The bedding is from Target, Stein Mart, and the Paris pillow is from Hobby Lobby.  My daughter is learning French and has big plans to move to the French Rivera when she grows up (she’s going to work there as a marine biologist).  I don’t think my life was as well-thought-out when I was nine!

I recovered her thrift shop chair with Amy Butler’s Love Bliss fabric, and spray painted a breakfast in bed tray pink (read about that HERE).  Her armoire door panels got covered with the Amy Butler fabric, too (LOVE that print!).

Aqua and hot pink girls bedroom

The tied fabric lampshade is from the Nashville flea market; I bought it although I think it would be a super-easy project to do with an old wire lampshade (you could even use ribbon instead of fabric).  I bought the nightstand at the flea market on the same day–it was black but it wound up with a coat of blue paint!  I blogged about those two flea market finds HERE.

We added a hot pink throw to her papasan chair (the papasan is from PB Teen); it’s a great corner to snuggle up and read in.  I scored the throw a few years ago at a yard sale.  The pink polka dot window treatments were at Ikea when I stopped a few weeks ago in Charlotte–they were on clearance for $9.99 for the pair.  Score!

I hung this cute lamp from Ikea over her papasan chair so she has plenty of light to read by.  I sewed the cord cover from a green and white polka dot sheet I bought at the thrift store for $1.  I love buying sheets there–it’s a great way to get yards of fabric for a steal!

Her desk has seen a few different paint treatments in the three years since I found it at an antique fair.  Currently, it’s white with watermelon pink hardware and it serves as a desk/dressing table.  My daughter is contemplating taking the bulletin board down and putting a mirror in its place to facilitate its function as a grooming station, but where would we put photos and paper ephemera then?!

To incorporate a little bit of the Paris theme into her room, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut three pieces of vinyl art.  I mounted them on hot pink card stock and put them in three 8×10 frames that I pulled out of the attic.  They were natural wood so I spray painted them black.  The Eiffel tower was meant to be a black one, although they were all sold out of those at Hobby Lobby when we went to buy it, so hot pink it is.  It clashes a bit with the other pink, but DD doesn’t care, so I’ve decided I don’t, either!

The carnival-striped table that I blogged about HERE is the first thing you see as you walk into her room, and I think it’s a great piece that ties all of the colors together.

Pink, green, and blue striped table

It’s fun, it’s cheerful, and it’s full of personality, just like my Bitty Bear!

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  1. I absolutely love every detail! I especially love her collection of Bobsey Twin books, my favorite as a child!!!

    • They were some of my favorites, too. I’m always reminding my kids of how well the Bobbsey Twins got along with each other. I know, I know, it’s fiction!! 🙂

  2. That is just a gorgeous bedroom, I love it!

  3. Wow, this is just gorgeous. I am using the same colors in my daughter (almost 9 years old), too, and there is a lot of inspiration here! Great job!

    Visiting from the party at Imparting Grace…

    sara @

  4. What a great reveal! So many fun details–I know your daughter must love it. If she already knows she wants to be a marine biologist and live on the French Riviera, then I’d say her personality DOES require a bit more than a soothing color palette! 🙂

  5. Oh my, this is adorable. This past spring we discussed putting our 10 and 8 year daughters in their own room (they share right now). This is a great space for inspiration. Love it!

  6. From the look on your daughter’s face, I can understand how she knows exactly what she wants in life! My favorite parts of the room are the repainted iron headboard and the chair. What fun you must have putting this all together.

    Keep writing…

  7. The room turned out fantastic…Just love all the beautiful details and colors. Terrific job Amy!

  8. Thanks, Shirley. Glad you stopped by!

  9. I love the color scheme! I just found out I am having a little girl (I have two boys) and am excited to pick a color pallet. I have pale sea grass colored furniture. I love the aqua blue and pink accents. I LOVE the wall color. I see other sites with walls too bold in aqua or turquoise. If I understand your note correctly, the name is ionic sky? You did not add the white and celery to it? Those are just the room accents. I have seen this fabric on different sites. Thank you for putting the name with it! Nice job and your daughter is adorable.

    • Congratulations, Jennifer! You’re getting your girl! Yes, Ionic Sky is the color (white and celery are just the room accents) and it’s a Behr color at Home Depot. Check your email (the one you left when you commented) because I snapped a picture of the top of the paint can and sent it to you. Let us know how her room turns out!

  10. Where is the bookcase from?

  11. I need you at my house !!!!! Just LOVE your decor choices – so beautiful !!


    Where did the papsan chair come from?

    • Eileen–I bought it from PB Teen and they still have them for sale, but only in solid colors. If you live near Savannah, I have this one on Craigslist now since I’m reupholstering a little vintage loveseat for my daughter’s room!

  13. Lisa miller says

    I’ve only recently discovered your site, so this may have been addressed. Where did find the comforter at the foot of the bed? Thank you. Lisa

  14. Hi! I adore this room, especially the colour scheme ! My favourite part of the room is the metal headboard, and I was wondering where you got it from? It’s beautiful! Thank you ! Alex

  15. Your reveal is beautiful! What’s funny though, no one in Paris would consider this Parisian; when I lived in Paris stores would display looks such as this, and call it American French Country!

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