Goals for 2011

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All 3 of us–Terry & Christy & I–have lengthy lists of goals for our homes (and lives!) this year.

I already have a written list of house projects, my dilemma is that we are contemplating a move–which means I really have two lists depending on what we decide to do. One list is what I will do to my house if it remains mine for awhile, and has things like paint the kitchen cabinets white, put in hardwood steps and add built-in closet organizers. As nice as these are, we don’t have limitless funds so my list of To-Do’s if we are selling is very different. Like, we have to re-carpet (with 3 kids and formerly dog…as boring of an expenditure as it seems to me, it is just a must), and we need to put up drywall in part of the basement. Both will add value, but are expensive, so I see some of my more fun “decorating” projects getting pushed aside.

The one thing I know for sure is that I HAVE to finish some of my half-done projects. I typically can’t stand to leave a project “undone” but for some reason, my kitchen island has been incomplete for almost 3 years! (That reason might have been my 3rd pregancy, and consequent baby that has sidetracked me!). Here it is, isn’t it lovely? (sarcasm!)

Here in the "in-between" with 3 sides painted.

Here in the “in-between” with 3 sides painted.

We are on the hunt for a piece of granite to enlarge the island so it can seat three kids (and stop the fights over which two get to eat breakfast there), and I need to finish painting it, and trim it out nicely. Just in writing this, I am wondering how I have lived with it for so long?

This is also embarrassing to even post–but hopefully it will motivate me! My daughter’s closet is also on my to-do’s…of course, its a little harder as so much of what I accomplish happens during her nap, making it hard to get to the projects in her room. But, this is the “before”. (big cringe)


Hmm...its even worse then usual today...

Hmm…it’s even worse then usual today…


Having a much “wished for” girl after our two boys, I have a weakness for buying her clothes (and shoes of course), so I can’t believe her closet that stores all her pretty things, looks this bad. I might have to move this to the TOP of my things to do list!

I could create a long, long list of other things I would hope to do. But, really my outstanding purpose is to have a home that makes my family happy, and provides respite and comfort for family and friends. Above all, its the place where my children should feel safest, and where I hope they they will learn the skill of self-reliance, and have an appreciation for order and responsiblity for the “things” they value. We love to entertain family and friends, and so my goal is always, to create an environment that makes someone want to come, relax, and stay awhile.

I can’t wait to see what Terry and Christy are hoping to do. I know Christy is facing a move (courtesy of the military) too, so there will be a lot going on around here in 2011.

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  1. Hi, Amy! I have two girls, and buying clothes for them is still a weakness for me, so I have no advice for you there. 😉 I know what you mean about “boring” expenditures…there are several of those we need to make in our home too. I’m visiting from The Nester’s Home Goals party. I hope you’ll stop by my blog to say hi. 🙂

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