Girls in White Dresses (with Red Ball Fringe…)

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White Christmas dress with red pompom fringe


I can only say that inspiration for this little dress for my daughter struck me in the middle of the night.  And, that would be because my social butterfly is “visiting” in the middle of the night, so random things pop into my head as I am up with her at all hours these days! She had received these darling le Top red and white tights as a birthday gift and I knew I wanted her to wear them with something for Christmas. They were too casual for her “dressy” Christmas dress, but way too cute not to wear:


The tights that started it all!

I remembered I had picked up a very plain white cotton dress at a Consignment Sale last year, which she never had worn. It was just really boring, I suppose I bought it just because it was like $3 and in perfect shape.

I am of the belief that you can monogram anything (actually I think that’s a direct quote from Christy?!), and I definitely know that you can add ball fringe to just about anything and make it cute. So, I ran the plain, boring, white dress by my local embroidery shop and 10 minutes later it had her initials on the top in red. Instant improvement:


monogrammed white dress toddler


I picked up some red ball fringe at JoAnn’s, and stitched it around the bottom inside hem. Now, I know that I could have used something to fuse it (or a machine) which would have been quicker, but it’s a small dress, so hand-sewing it didn’t take very long, but it did seem like the hard way to do it. Regardless, it was one show’s worth of something to do while watching TV.

The Ball Fringe Magic

The Ball Fringe Magic


I also thought I could really jazz it up with some red ric rac around the sleeves, but it was the week of Christmas and that– along with MANY other things– didn’t happen (like the second half of my Christmas cards!). But, she did have an adorable dress for our family Christmas gathering on Christmas Day night, all for about $10.  And, its going to be perfect for Valentine’s Day, too!


White Christmas dress with red pompom fringe


(Wish you could see the cute tights better in this pic, and don’t you love the boots? Courtesy of Terry!)

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  1. What a darling dress for a darling little girl!

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