Easy {& Free} Drawer Organization

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You saw my fun “Kate Spade” inspired home office as part of our Operation: Organization series in January.  Today I thought I would circle back to show you how I made these super easy and FREE drawer organizers to hold my office supplies. This console has great storage but I still needed a way to contain all those little things that wind up in the drawers.




For the last year or so I have been hoarding all the boxes that come when someone gets a new phone or iPad {along with a few other small cute ones} and was already using them to hold things like paper clips, notes, business cards.  They are the perfect size for the drawers and sturdy enough to work well for organizing. As I was overhauling this space for our Operation: Organization series, I figured the plain white boxes would look a little more fun with some scrap paper added to the bottom for color.




So that is all I did– picked a few pieces from my collection {or you can buy fun paper at a craft store}, traced the outside of the boxes with a pencil and then cut inside the lines. I had to trim here and there so they would fit flush, but it was simple. I use a guillotine paper cutter but scissors would work too, just go slowly. I found I didn’t even need to glue or tape them in, if the cuts were precise enough the decorative paper stayed in perfectly.




I mixed up several patterns, I already had these papers on hand from other projects and they just happened to match the room. Clearly I have a thing for pink, and for black and white patterns!  The gold tray came with its pretty white and black liner, but that would be a great pattern to use if you can find it 🙂




Once they were all lined up next to each other the sides with the brand markings didn’t really show.




I arranged them in the drawer so they would fit together in the space, it was kind of like doing a puzzle. I am still on the hunt for a box sized to hold the business envelopes in the back.







Now everything has its own little space. I store correction tape, business cards, scripture cards, washi tape, envelopes and some other small things that are meaningful to me, but everything is easy to grab when I need it.






The best kind of organization is simple and it’s even better if it’s free! So start saving all those phone boxes, they would be useful in so many spaces, you could use them in a children’s desk or drawers, or even in bathroom drawers, so many possibilities! Happy organizing everyone 🙂



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  1. Looks so organized Amy. Love the color combo, and that you recycled.

  2. You ladies always have the best organization & always with the most beautiful glam style!!! I need to take some tips & organize like this!! So fresh & pretty!! Happy Tuesday!!


  3. Love the beautiful drawer organizing tips!….Love your office and love the new header and blog design!…

  4. I love this ~ free boxes, beautiful paper and organization at its finest! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Your drawer looks so pretty! I am going to have to use this idea! I love it!

  6. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one saves boxes. I love the idea of adding paper in the bottom. So much more fun.

  7. Now I know what to do with my little boxes & their lids….Love the new pictures on your new blog set up – but find it very frustrating that when it says read more I have to wait until the next day to do so as it doesn’t open. Suggestions welcomed.

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