Design Plans for Our Living Room and Some Valentine’s Decor

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Happy Weekend everyone! I took some new pictures in our living room and thought I’d continue sharing my design plans in our new house (like I did with the lighting post). My plan was to share Valentine’s decor today but we’ve had a really crazy week so basically, all I have done to decorate is what you see above and below, which is cute but definitely not over the top.


xoxo pillow (similar but $5!)  | valentine garland  |   bench  |   candlestick

I’m a bit of a fan of Valentine’s Day, my husband and I met on Valentine’s day, so I consider it worth celebrating with the ones I love ?. We don’t do much, we might grab dinner out another night but we usually spend Valentine’s evening with our kids.


Pink Vase |   Tray  |  Cherry Blossoms |  Similar White Jar  |  Throw

 Along with our dining room, our living room is next on the list to get some love. While I still am a fan of our current neutral furniture and it is REALLY comfortable, looking at these photos makes me realize that the time has come for us to let the couch and oversized chairs go. They have been well loved but they are showing their age.



This very well may be the most comfortable couch in the world, we’ve had it for almost 18 years. It’s hard to part with it because even now, it still is a great place to lounge. I think that is a fantastic run for a couch, especially a white one, so I suppose I shouldn’t be sad to let it go. I am not sure if I’ll be able to part with it completely, it may go in our basement as it’s practically a member of the family by now!




The other thing that has been holding up getting new furniture is my ongoing debate with myself about getting two sofas vs one sectional for this room. My kids have very clear thoughts that we need an “L” couch, as they call it, but in looking at the room I can’t help but think that two couches would look so nice.



We could have two couches on either side of the fireplace, they would face each other and then I’d add two smaller chairs (I have my eye on these HERE) to face the TV. For what a sectional sofa costs, purchasing two sofas won’t be that much of a price difference so that is not a factor.




The argument against the two couches is this, one when you enter our home you’d see the back of one of the couches (it would be off to the left in this photo, this is the hallway view).  With a sectional, you’d be looking into the front of it, which may be a little more visually appealing. At the end of the day, the winning fact is that a sectional can seat five people (and there are five of us) vs. two couches which would really are only comfortable for four people, assuming one on each end.



Here are the couches I am considering, I have read tons of online reviews and if I do two sofas we’ll probably do two York Deep Sofas from Pottery Barn, though going with a less expensive version like here and this one here is also an appealing option. I linked the ones that I am considering below too.


If we go the sectional route we’ll probably do the PB Basic from Pottery Barn in one of the performance fabrics. Our kids are old enough to take semi-good care of furniture and our dog knows not to get on it so I am not worried about getting another white couch or even a set of white couches. Also, we do plan to swap out the carpet for hardwood down the road. Our kids are still young enough to occasionally lay on the floor for movies and such so my husband felt we should stick with carpet in this, our main hang out space, for a few more years. I threw this affordable rug over it to make it more interesting, but look forward to having continuous flooring–someday.



I have been trying to find a pillow combination I liked for spring, and these two new antelope fabric ones definitely make me happy. It’s full circle to return to beige in my decorating after everything being all about gray these last few years. These pillows are a great price HERE and the shop owner was a doll to work with. I ordered one, then realized that was just silly and she worked with me to add another pillow to my order without paying extra shipping. I love how they blend in with our decor, FYI–new pillows are a sure way to fight the winter blues!



We’ll be spending a lot of time right here this weekend, keeping a close eye on our girl and hoping that we get some good answers on Monday. Outside of that, I hope you all have a very good weekend!



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I enjoy decorating for all the holidays and valentines is one of my favorites. Can you tell me where you purchased the small love wreath stand. it is so sweet.

    • I purchased it at Pier One earlier this year, unfortunately, I think they sold out quickly. I haven’t been able to find it again online or more in the stores, it is cute isn’t it? I’ll keep my eyes open! XO, Amy

  2. Thanks so much. It really is cute!

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