Burlap & Lime Green–My Winter to Spring Front Porch

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Are y’all getting tired of my front porch?  I hope not!  I like to post pictures whenever I change it up a bit, because I like to show that with just a few minor tweaks (and not a lot of money), you can completely update your space for the current season.

My goal as I transition from one season to the next is to keep it fun, simple, and inexpensive.  I’m always on the lookout for pillows and cushions for the front porch.  It’s covered, so I don’t have to buy outdoor cushions, but I often do (my favorite Ebay source for outdoor pillows is mentioned HERE).  I also pick up pillows at yard sales and thrift stores and give them a good coating of Scotchguard to minimize dampness and sun fading, but even if they don’t last forever outdoors, the price was right!

I found five lime green chair cushions at Goodwill a few months ago; I think they were $1.99 apiece.  Three of them were squeezed onto my glider and the other two are on my black wicker chairs (hmm, the wicker chairs will need another coat of spray paint come spring).  I think the lime green really pops with the black and white polka dots and paisley.  I also put lime green candles in my chandelier; they’ll get burned sometime over the summer, although I’m not going to be sitting out there anytime soon!

I have a mixture of pinecones and Osage oranges on my table.  The Osage oranges are from my back yard, and yes, you’ve seen them before–I’ve had them in my outdoor decor since Thanksgiving (that post is HERE).  They last forever and smell great.

The burlap is cut from a grain sack that I found at the Nashville flea market back in September.  I bought a metal cabinet for my laundry room {HERE} and asked the guy to throw in the feed sack, figuring that I can always use burlap.  I cut it into strips and tied it around the pillows on the porch, and also fashioned some into a bow to make a simple grapevine wreath for the front door.

The rosemary topiaries on either side of the front door are still left over from my Christmas decor, and hopefully I can keep them alive until it’s warm enough to plant them.  I LOVE great big rosemary bushes in my landscaping!  I thought about tying some burlap around the planters, but I decided that might be overkill.  Just like accessorizing when I get dressed, I need to remind myself that less is more. 🙂  Oh, and do you like my NRA sticker on the right sidelight window?  I figure that should be even more of a deterrent than the alarm signs that my neighbors put in their yards!

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The little corner to the left of my front door is a great place for a vignette, although often there are footballs, pieces of sidewalk chalk, and bike helmets stashed there.  Right now, I’ve got my watering can and a couple of grapevine wreaths in there.  The grapevine wreaths were hanging on either side of my mailbox at Thanksgiving–see, I told you that I just keep moving the same pieces around.

My total cost for the front porch was under $15, for the five cushions and the four candles.  And, of course, Easter’s only 40 days away, so it won’t be long before I show you what I do out here for the holiday.  I promise that the Osage oranges will be gone by then!



  1. I love your front porch. I need to get mine cleaned off and a little nicer looking.

  2. The porch looks so good and welcoming. I have my house numbers painted on my front door too. I also love your chandelier on your signature. Too cute, plus my favorite chandy.

  3. I love your porch! So inviting … love the fabrics and colors, too … big score on finding them at Good Will !! I look forward to seeing more. Becca (now following along by Linky Followers, too)

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