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By now, you’ve enjoyed meeting our sweet and feeble old kitty, Tinker (read about him here and here).   He’s 16-1/2 now, and he’s been with us since we were newlyweds.  Before we had a (gasp!) teenager, before we even had children, we had our first babies–our pets.  I know that many of you also learned how to “parent” by owning a pet.  Hey, it’s not quite as labor-intensive to have a puppy or a kitten as it is to have a newborn, and the stakes aren’t quite as high if you fail! Tinker and his “sister” came to live with us on Christmas Eve, 1997.  While I was making our traditional fondue dinner, a knock came at the front door, and my husband had two babies under his arms:  Tinker and Madison:

Christmas kitten puppy
So, of course they weren’t REALLY siblings, but we were about to learn how well cats and dogs can get along if they are raised together.  Tinker was about three months old at the time, and Maddie was only six weeks old (and I think a bit young to be taken from her mother), so they bonded immediately and became pack (or is it litter?) mates. They played together:


puppy kitten playing

I know, the decor is awful!

A lot…

The cat usually won those battles, by the way. And quite often, they got into trouble together:

I always had cats growing up, and my husband always had dogs, so he decided just to bring us one of each.  It worked out perfectly, and they enjoyed each other’s company for years and years, until Maddie died on Christmas Night in 2009.  Tinker was most upset that night, and I truly believe he mourned his friend’s loss.  Animals have real personalities and, I’m convinced, real emotions.

He has since welcomed three other rescue dogs in our family, and he works very hard to be sure that they know the rules of the house.  Rule #1:  The CAT is always in charge.   The dogs seem to accept this unquestioningly, by the way.  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that we do, too!

Tinker expects the very best so he has been absolutely thrilled that I’m working with the folks at the SHEBA® Brand. All SHEBA® Entrées are made from carefully selected, high quality ingredients for an irresistible taste. In fact, your cat is guaranteed to love it, or you’ll get your money back, although we don’t have a problem with that since he devours every flavor I’ve given him.  Also, all SHEBA® recipes are formulated without corn, wheat, soy, or gluten, and never have artificial flavors or preservatives (this is a big deal in our house!). None of the other big mainstream wet cat food brands (Fancy Feast, Friskies, 9 Lives, Meow Mix) can say that!
How did you bring your furry friend home?  As a “baby” or as an adult?  As a rescue or as a kitten?
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  1. Love to read about Tinker.
    We’ve had three kitties, all rescued from shelters or off the street. Meghan was our first who lived a long 18 years. When we brought her home from the shelter she disappeared for four days, thought she had run away when I went outside. But, she was hiding under the dresser table afraid to come out. When she did she quickly went into the bathroom for one month never to step out at least when we were awake. Then one day she made her entrance into the living room like ok here I am.
    Little Kitty was our second kitty. She was huddled under the window trying to avoid the rain. She was about 4 months old and totally afraid of everyone that entered our house. Beautiful kitty but around 10 she developed diabetes. Shots twice a day but at 12 the disease took her away.
    Then there is our newest , LIttle Kitty II. A bundle of love
    rescued from the animal shelter. Loves one and all and has to be with either my husband or me at all times. She’s a joy.
    Thanks for sharing your story about Tinker.

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