Fall Wreath and Initial Monogram Giveaway!

fall wreath monogram berries chevron


I posted this wreath on facebook and instagram and I appreciate all the warm/fuzzy feedback.  Since we’ve been getting questions on where I got the “B” we decided to jump right in and start the giveaway we’ve been planning for one of these fabulous monograms from Tamera at Scrappin’ Plus. Remember this one on my Screened Porch?  Yep, I got it from Tamera.

{sorry this giveaway has now closed, thanks to everyone who entered!}


Here are the details on this little Fall Wreath. I am showing it off proudly as it’s the extent of my fall decorating so far!

I ordered the initial knowing I wanted a single initial to use since, as you saw on my porch, I already have a triple initial. So, once it arrived, I went out in search of a new fall wreath. I bought this wreath at JoAnn’s, I don’t know that I loved it but it was the best among their selection. Once I got home and cut(almost) all the fake fall leaves off and only had the bittersweet berries left, it grew on me. I picked up the chevron ribbon at JoAnn’s as well.


The funny thing about it is that I first spray painted the “B” black since I wanted it to pop against the wreath. Then, I went out to look at my door and realized the door was painted black. {I know, duh, but I haven’t lived here long!} Drat. So, I dug out some cream-colored spray paint and started over. All in all, I am happy with how it turned out. Simple and easy!

So make sure to click HERE to find out how you can get your own monogram just in time for the holidays–I already have so many ideas on how to use these monograms for holiday decor.

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  1. About to order a 3 letter monogram for a custom wreath for a client! Would love another one for myself! 🙂

  2. I so love those monograms and the wreath is gorgeous!!!

  3. Kayoko Jackson says:

    what size did you buy, Im thinking about ordering just in case if I didn’t won giveaway lol
    Even I won just 1 is not enough for me !!

    Thank you for posting such great ideas !! My teacher lol

  4. Carin Behringer says:

    What size letter is that? I would love one!!! So cute!!!

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