Workroom/Craft Room Reveal!

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Pink and green craft room

After another quick two day trip to my Mom’s, her birthday present workroom makeover (click to view the back story) is complete! Well, almost complete–the wrapping station was finished up after I headed home, as well as the installation of the ironing area, but it’s come a long way. I will photograph those final additions on my next trip and hopefully show you next week (Update: click to see the gift wrapping station).

Here is the “in progress” picture

This is by far my favorite room makeover I have ever done, the hardest part was keeping my Mom away from the room the last few days so she could enjoy the surprise of the final reveal.

Seeing this look on her face was worth all the work that went into her room.

I could never have done this without Terry’s help, she was my partner in hauling bookcases from IKEA, figuring out furniture placement, and tirelessly stenciling the inset wall. Not to mention her cute photostyling ideas and photography. My Dad was a trooper through all this, I am not sure he expected this would be this elaborate of a makeover when my Mom and I started talking about it! While he managed to disappear during “Stage One” on a fishing trip, when he returned he built her the wrapping station, and hired an electrician to install a fixture and hang her new chandelier.

Just as a reminder, here are the BEFOREs of the work/craft/storage/sewing/ironing room.

And…BIG DRUMROLL…. here are the AFTERs….

Pink and green workroom craftroom makeover



Pink and green craft room


Craft room organization


These sillouettes were done when my brother and I were in preschool (they are just the “trace-the-shadow-on-the -paper” using an overhead projector kind!) and I found them in the room and had to use them. Terry helped me cover an artist’s canvas and just glued them on. Despite their age, I love that they have sentimental value to my Mom, and her grown kids are still on display!

The room is filled with repurposed favorites, the white chair was part of my grandmother’s dining set. With a little paint, new matching fabric and a vinyl monogram it took on a whole new life. The fabric covering on the table once was my daughter’s window treatment in her baby nursery.

Inexpensive IKEA storage boxes and baskets hide all the decor, sewing materials and other supplies she keeps in the room. My Mom has an entire collection (dating from the early 90’s) of Victoria Magazine, it’s now neatly organized in IKEA magazine holders.

The stenciled wall is probably my favorite thing. The DIY stencil {instructions HERE} cost $3.95 to make and was exactly the look I wanted in the niche.

Thanks for viewing this space, working on it was a ball and I just hope that my mom feels happy every time she enters her room. Happy Birthday, Mom!



  1. Oh your mom must be so excited to have such a beautiful and functional craft/work space…Ikea is the best…Love the colors you chose with that pretty pop of bright pink….Love the monogram on the chair…May I ask where you purchased it?

  2. I love it! The stencil makes a big statement…looking forward to hearing more about it. I hope your mom is enjoying her newly made over craft room. She now has a very inspiring space to create. How lovely.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  3. Oh my! It looks fantastic! And that stencil is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for my daughter’s room. So I can’t wait to see the tutorial! I haven’t looked at stencils yet because they are so spendy, but $3.95 I can handle! 🙂


  4. Just stunning!!! Your mom is so lucky to have you! I love that stenciled wall as well but everything in there is just perfection. Thanks for linking up.

  5. It is just stunning! Beautiful job and your Mom looks so happy! Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Tuesday Talent. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. You did an amazing job! What a fantastic gift to your Mom! I’m sure she’ll be pleased and excited every time she walks in there to create…I know I would be!

  7. Oh, how I would LOVE to have this craft room…new follower to your site! Lots of creativity on here 🙂

  8. How adorable! I love the pink and green together. Someday I’m hoping to have a craft room!

  9. I love this room! It’s so bright and cheerful. We are slowly updating different parts of our home, this gave me so fun ideas!

  10. What a sweet room! How wonderful that you are able to do this for your mom. She must be thrilled!

  11. Wow! This is stunning, beautiful, amazing and a whole lot of other adjectives describing how perfect this space is! I love the stencil, the colors, and the storage solutions 🙂

  12. Gah! This is so fantastic. I am a sucker for emotional projects. . .and doing this for your mom is so special. What a gorgeous space. I could throw down some serious projects in there. Cute monogram on the chair as well!

  13. This turned out great! And the fact that it was done out of love with your mom makes it even better! I’ll be featuring this next week on my blog- thanks for linking up!

  14. OH! You are magic. I want a pretty workroom or office or other space you touch! Thank you for sharing!

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