Spring Lucketts Recap

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This post was written yesterday before news of Oklahoma came in, our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to all who were impacted by the storms yesterday.

I know it’s not really that much fun to read about a place you probably won’t ever visit, so for those of you who live far from the Virginia, I going to try to keep this post from being too much of a tourist t-shirt regarding Terry’s and my adventures at Lucketts this weekend. However, its such an experience to go, I’d be remiss not to share the highlights of the day.

amy in antique booth

Terry and I (and her 7 week old son!} donned our rain gear and headed out early Sunday morning to what has become the very well-known Lucketts Spring Sale. Due to obligations we couldn’t attend on Saturday, but figured even if it was picked over on the second day it would still be fun to see what was there. We got there just as the gates opened, well worth it as it got much more crowded toward noon.


There were a few things that struck me about the day. I didn’t buy very much. The sale is simply overwhelming–and of course that is meant in the very best way. Terry and I also decided later it was because we are conditioned to look for things as “befores” and since we enjoy the whole making over process, we aren’t likely to buy a piece once it has become an “after”. That isn’t too say there wasn’t so much temptation, the sale was filled with amazing, beautiful “afters” and enough inspiration to keep us busy with blog projects for a very long time!

photo (32)

My major takeaway from our outing is that it was amazing to see what we try to capture here on our blog come to fruition. We don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money, or buy something that is already perfect. If you love it, or see how you can make it so you will love it, it can be a perfect part of your home.  There were so many unique, beautiful and inspirational objects for sale at Lucketts–objects that were reclaimed, remade, discovered and so “not” perfect but still so perfectly beautiful.

black cabinet

As DIY/Home bloggers and for those of you who read these types of blogs regularly things like chalk paint, chevron, patina, wire baskets, burlap, grain sacks, boxwood, iron chandeliers, galvanized metal, mason jars, milk crates, chippy paint, chalkboards {etc!} are part of our decor world. Lucketts is like all those wonderful things mixed together…jammed in tents and stacked up, beautiful items all jumbled together, one pretty and interesting thing after another. It struck me that the sale is representative of a significant shift in the thinking of how we love our homes, by filling them with things we can repurpose, personalize, make meaningful, and enjoy.


It was just a fantastic day. We were thrilled to have a few minutes to chat {we discussed those observations above} with Marian, AKA, Miss Mustard Seed and she is everything you have heard about, read about or envision. She is just as down to earth, friendly and sweet as you can imagine.  Yes, her popular booth was pretty picked over by Sunday but it was still a treat to meet her in person.

photo (26)

So all in all, it was a fantastic day at Lucketts. I do hope many of you have the opportunity to go and I loved seeing the success that so many of the vendors  are experiencing as this “vintage” industry grows and thrives.

photo (29)

And, in case you were wondering, these weren’t for sale but they do help you carry your heavy items to your car…and isn’t that just fabulous? They thought of everything.

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