Simply on Sunday–“Resetting”

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Happy Sunday friends! I hope you have had a great weekend so far. If I have to be honest I am still in mid-DIY in several semi-major projects and feel like I am living in total chaos. I started the weekend with huge ambitions and decided to start a much anticipated and long-overdue Master Bathroom overhaul. The first step was to remove our huge mirror over our vanity. Should be easy, right?



This is still the state of our bathroom. To the contractor who glued this huge sucker to my wall, in addition to clips and the track it sets in, did you really need to be such an over-achiever that day?!? After several hours with both my husband and I painstakingly prying it bit by bit in an attempt to not crack it {bad luck aside, we’d really like to use it in our basement, my daughter is begging for a ballet barre like Christy built in her daughter’s room} we had to leave it be to start the rest of the day full of kids’ activities. I’ll be putting on my make-up for church peering in between the tape here momentarily, I suppose. I do have a new plan of attack so if it works I’ll be back with a full DIY post on how to remove an oversized bathroom mirror, and stay married in the process! 🙂 (update: see it HERE, see the full bathroom makeover HERE)

Anyway, after running around all Saturday it feels like we’re living in self-imposed DIY chaos, and we have a jam-packed week ahead.  I had to sit down and reset a bit this morning which made me think about what to share today for our Simply on Sunday post. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed when your schedule is too full and your plans don’t go perfectly isn’t it?




So in thinking about “resetting” for the week ahead…I read a great quote this week on time management via Amy Lynn Andrews {she writes an excellent weekly newsletter for bloggers, it’s here} and she suggests NOT putting an action item on your “to-do” list but INSTEAD writing it on your calendar, that way you know when you will actually do something you need to get done.  I felt better once I set aside some blocks of time to work on some of these DIY projects I have started. I always feel calmer knowing what is coming up in the week that we’ll have to deal with and can plan accordingly using our Calendar Pad product {see it HERE} so this idea resonated with me.




I also know that most nights this week we will be running from one practice to another {my kids are at the end of winter sports and have started spring sports, plus school activities seem to be culminating, anyone else out there relate? Yikes!} so sitting down for meals looks unlikely.



{you can read all about the printable system I use here}

I took some time to plan for some quick and easy dinners, like white chicken chili–perfect for a crockpot meal, make-ahead macaroni and cheese and my very favorite meatballs {I pull from the stock I keep in our freezer for a quick dinner} to serve with spaghetti. I am sure there will be a pizza or drive through in there too, let’s be honest here, but at least we won’t be in that situation every night.



And…since Spring is a bit of a reset after a long winter, here’s a quick decorating idea with thoughts of warmer days ahead. Guests in my home often ask about this pretty nest printable so I thought I would share the source with you, it was created by the super-talented Lucy of Craftberry Bush, you can download it via her site here.



This year, I am adding this spring print to my collection, isn’t it lovely {and true!}?  You can download it via




I hope you find some time to “reset” today for a beautiful week ahead friends, enjoy your Sunday!

For more information on establishing a Sunday Routine to help plan for the week ahead please read this post HERE.



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Our posts contain affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn a small commission, which helps to keep our content free.  You don’t pay a cent more than you would otherwise, since that would be tacky! Please see our full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I love that print too……hope you two had a great weekend!

  2. I’ve been in chaos too! You would not believe the shape each room is in. I don’t understand how I can do so much “damage” in trying to do good. I did get a table painted yesterday. I wanted to do things today that involved spray paint, however, the wind won. I had to take some time to reset too! 🙂
    Hope this is a good week!

    • Pat—I love it, you summed it up perfectly– “doing damage in trying to do good :)” Well said! Let’s both hope the end result is worth it, right! Have a great day!

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