Our New Whole House Home Decor Planner

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If you have visited our site over the last few days you may have noticed we have added a new ‘freebie’ organizing tool for you all. It is our “Whole House Home Decor Planner” and it is available for you to download and print at the end of this post.

I created this planner because I realized it helps me accomplish things in my home if I actually spent time organizing my home projects ahead of time. I keep track of the other aspects of my life with a variety of printables that I keep in a central home binder. In it, I have a section called “home” and being a consummate list maker, I keep a written down plan for the projects I need or want to do in our home.

When we moved into a new house two years ago the first few months were pretty overwhelming. Basically, I wanted to makeover the entire house from top to bottom, and was pulled in different directions about how to prioritize what needed to be done.  Once I made a list of projects month by month, it really helped me focus and I accomplished so much more. I’ll totally admit that I didn’t get all of them done in the timeframe I set for myself but it helped push me through whipping many of our spaces into shape fairly quickly.




I set about designing this 10-page planner for you all {though the last page contains the instructions on how to use it so be sure to check that out first} with the very same lists I use to keep myself organized and on track with home projects.




It starts with a questionnaire about your home, I think it’s useful to spend a few minutes actually thinking about what you need and can realistically do and start planning from there.  The questionnaire will help you set goals and then outline your projects per month, keeping you motivated to accomplish them.

The planner also contains a place to keep all of your paint colors because that’s one of the hardest things to track. You can use this list either for the colors currently on your walls or when you see pretty colors on Pinterest or on blogs, you can jot them down so you remember to check them out. Or print two pages and do both, the planner is yours so you can print as many pages as you need!




Next up is my very favorite tool, a Project Planner. It is helpful when you are about to tackle a DIY project or a room makeover to sit down and spend a few minutes planning it out. It will help you budget, think through the decor, and it will save you all those trips back to Home Depot for those supplies you forget #beentheredonethat! 🙂 I also think it is a good idea to circle back once a project is complete and track what you spent to improve your home, as these numbers could be important for resale.

It finishes up with a House Wish List, which is something I recently started using as it helps to have a plan for all those things you’d like to purchase. I started this list so whenever we had the funds on hand I could prioritize how I spent the money. It ensures I purchase things we really need like blinds for my son’s room instead of just buying more pillows at HomeGoods (not that purchasing pillows is bad, pillows are never bad!)– this list just helps keeps my priorities straight.


The final page is an on-going shopping list, this is a trick that I swear to you majorly helps my productivity. By getting the supplies I needed for several projects at a time, I always have something I can work on whenever time permits. I only get to IKEA a few times a year, so I always seem to have a running list of things I need there. You get the idea, as you can tell I am a fan of saving trips back to the store.

All you need to do is download it {just click the pink button below} and print it out. You can keep it on a clipboard, or if you use a Home Binder, just create a section called “home” and add these in. It’s a great way to keep your life organized including your home!

I’d love to hear if there are any worksheets that would be useful, as always just leave your thoughts in the comments. And enjoy 🙂

Download our Free 10 Page Whole Home Decor Planner HERE

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  1. Looking forward to using the planner. When I downloaded it, it is only 6 pages. Pages 2-9 are printing 2 pages per sheet. Do you know how I can correct this?

    • Hi Tricia, I can see how some printers would print it as spreads on one page. I have changed it so that each page is separate now. I’ll send over a copy for you by email for you–Thanks for letting us know you had an issue!

  2. Just what I have been looking for! Thank you!

  3. Just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

  4. What a great idea and must have for any home!

  5. I love this as it is a great way to stay organized. I too wanted to do everything to our house when we moved in a few months ago. I know this will take time and there is no rush. I plan to print out and make a plan! Thanks for offering this to your readers.

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