Our Kitchen Makeover {Part 1}

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This is a big project and I have been hinting around about starting, I even laid out my plans in this photo {below} from the first post showing our new home last year. I am excited that slowly but surely, our kitchen makeover is getting underway…

kitchen marked


My kitchen is large and has tons of space–that I love about it. How dark it is, well I don’t love that so much. We have this great breakfast room you can see it HERE, and we painted the entire kitchen this color recently as the first baby steps toward our kitchen makeover.




I am excited to say that Step 2 is going to be getting our backsplash tile {with this marble tile below} which is kicking off as I write, and I will be back to show it off as soon as it is done.



This is my current kitchen design plan, and the details do change as I plot and plan and consider, but for now this is what I am working with:


kitchen inspiration board2

What do you think of those barstools?! I found them here and am working up my nerve, in the end I may go with the plain gray (which seems so boring in comparison to the fun floral) I am still undecided if they are just too floral and girly?  But you can’t beat the price.  The cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen will be painted a classic white. I plan to us BM White Dove {like Christy’s HERE} and the island will be gray {exact paint color is still TBD}. I’ll be going with simple brass pulls to tie in the brass accents like the faucet.

Let’s talk about our dreamy new faucet. This is a winner, here it is:



You can find this faucet* HERE and it is not only the prettiest thing but it is a TOUCH faucet. Life-changing. You tap it, it turns on, you tap it again and it turns off! It even knows the difference between a “grab” and a “touch”, isn’t that cool?  This faucet definitely adds a bit of style in my current builder-boring kitchen.



The thing that is a bit challenging is my countertop. I hope to eventually remove the busy granite and replace it with probably a plain black granite counter. I have had marble before, and while it is absolutely beautiful, I just don’t want the stress of marble back, you can read my honest experience HERE. Of course I may change my mind down the road, but I don’t think I will use it again especially around the sink. Below is a picture of our last kitchen {see more HERE}, which I absolutely loved but I will say all the marble, white and stainless made it feel very cold so this time I’d like to warm things up a bit more.


Since I still love the look of marble I decided to use a marble backsplash tile instead of plain white subway tile. It was a hard decision because you just can’t go wrong with classic white subway tile, can you? My fingers are crossed the marble isn’t too busy next to our granite counters. Eventually I think I will replace the island with a stained butcher block top but our current counters are in great shape so for the time being we’re working with what we have.  However, the 4″ backsplash will be history as soon as I get my hands on a crowbar 🙂



So that is my current kitchen plan. While I am just itching to lighten things up ASAP, I am waiting a little bit longer before the cabinet painting starts. We just have SO many projects going on around here I can’t add that into the mix just yet so this will play out over the next few months.  I can’t wait, it seems like a huge project looming ahead but I am sure that it will be worth it in the end.


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*I was provided the faucet by Westside Wholesale, but the opinions about how wonderful the faucet is my own!


  1. Love that faucet. Gorgeous

  2. Hi Amy,

    I have followed your blog for a year now. We moved into a house with a kitchen EXACTLY like yours, granite, cabinets, and all. I am dying to paint my cabinets white, but my husband is leery because of the potential “resale value” issue. What was Christy’s experience? Do you have any information or experience that can shed light on this?

    I’d appreciate any advice or information. And I am REALLY looking forward to your post about painting them. Will you be using the Homeright sprayer? I am thinking of buying one for the job.

    Thank you again, and I love your blog. I look forward to its arrive in my email.

    Warm regards!

  3. I absolutely love it all but the floral upholstered stools would put the space over the moon! Gorgeous!

  4. I love your plans – and you have great bones in that kitchen to start. We are also updating our kitchen and our cabinets will be White Dove. Can’t wait to see how yours comes along – and I love the stools!

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