Our Aqua and Grey Master Bathroom

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Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’ve been working on our master bathroom lately; it’s a fairly large space for the house, but it’s got a lot of contractor-blah features–basic faucets and counters and not a lot of trim. As you know, this is military housing and just like a rental in that I can’t make major changes, but that makes paint a perfect choice because it can completely change the look of a room (but is easily reversible when the time comes).

I decided to work on the alcove that the bathtub is in, to make it more spa-like and relaxing.  Here’s how the space started out:


We have textured walls, which are very forgiving when it’s time to patch and fill nail holes, but they are TOUGH to paint.  I am an experienced enough painter that I can usually cut in all of my edges by hand, but I just can’t get a clean line on textured walls.  So, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape to the rescue!


FrogTape is perfect for knockdown textured walls like mine because its PaintBlock® Technology keeps paint from bleeding through, no matter what surface you’re using it on.

I used their green Multi-Surface tape, since I was using it on already painted walls and trim, fiberglass (the bathtub) and metal fixtures.  It’s designed to release cleanly for up to 21 days (or 7 in direct sunlight).   That’s a good thing when you’re a busy mom and don’t always finish projects on the same day that you start them!


After taping around all of my fixtures and the window, I gave the walls a coat of Glidden’s Almost Aqua.  I’ve used the same color in my daughter’s bedroom and bathroom and love how peaceful and spa-like it is.  Since we’re right next to the ocean, it brings in a coastal palette, too.

You can see the beautiful sharp line when I removed the FrogTape, and it releases like a dream:


If you’re going to add a stripe, stencil, or other faux treatment, there’s a FrogTape for just-painted surfaces, too.  Their yellow Delicate Surface painter’s tape is great for newly painted walls, wallpaper, and primed wallboard, and can be safely removed from surfaces for up to 60 days.

Here’s how my bathtub area looks now:

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

The white curtains are tied back to add a little softness to the space.  They’re purely decorative–you can see that I even removed the blinds from the window to let in all the light I could.  This window faces the woods and privacy is a non-issue.

I trimmed our HUGE mirror last month (read how here), which definitely customizes the space.

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

I also recovered the vintage footstool that I use next to the tub.  It’s perfect to toss a towel or magazine on while soaking.  The grey Greek key fabric pairs nicely with the aqua walls.

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

My dad and I built the white shelf years ago.  I don’t have a tutorial for this exact project, but I built similar shelving here.  It’s great for storing pretty bath essentials.

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

The towels and rug are from HomeGoods and the gray is a nice contrast to the aqua.

There’s plenty of room at the corners of the tub for a jar of soaps and one of my favorite bathtime touches–an old gravy boat that holds bath salts.

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

I’m so pleased with how this space turned out!  Now it’s time to run a bubble bath and enjoy it!

Spa-like bathroom in aqua and grey | 11 Magnolia Lane

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Shelf: handmade

Towels, rug, curtain rod and soaps:  HomeGoods

Gravy boat, mirror and stool:  vintage

Final New Christy headshot 2015

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  1. WOW – I love that color. It is gorgeous for the bathroom. So serene!

  2. I love that color for the bathroom – so serene! That tape works really well – very impressive. 🙂

  3. I love how the curtains soften up the area. My master bath has a tub inset like this and I had thought about doing that…nice to see how it looks first. Love everything else too…except the little mirror over the tub would eliminate any relaxation:).

  4. Love the colors and the patterns and the way you added drapes for that beautiful soft effect. So very spa-like!

  5. I absolutely love it!! The wall color is so peaceful. the curtains are a perfect touch!

  6. Christy , I love the wall color & all your little accents & treasures! I can always spot your decorating !! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Christy, it’s beautiful! Very spa like and I love your decorative items. The curtains are such a wonderful idea!


  8. Yea..a couple of days after I read this, I found an old, tarnished gravy boat at GW for $1.91. It now sits by my tub filled with bath salts….I really love it. You always have unique ways to use things that I love but would not otherwise know how:). Thanks!

    • What a lovely compliment, Judi–thank you. So glad you found your gravy boat, and at a great price, too!

    • How did you hang the curtain rod since it is an insert? I have the same type of thing and the only thing I can think of is putting like a shower rod up there. I’m 25 and haven’t hung very many curtains in my lifetime so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I really don’t know how to do it! Lol.

      • Hey, Loren–
        You can do it one of two ways. Either a shower curtain tension rod, like you mentioned, or you can mount the hardware for a traditional curtain rod on either side of the outside of the niche.
        Hope that helps!

  9. Leslie Griffith says

    How did you pull back the curtains? I’m trying to replicate this and bought some decorative curtain tie backs, but just curious.

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